Trustlize – Powerful Social Proof Notification With Custom Branding

Trustlize - Powerful Social Proof Notification With Custom Branding

Social media has got an integral part of today’s digital world. Social media is the vastly accepted platform influencing majority of the population. Nevertheless of gender and age, all are in a way addicted to social media platforms. The great influence social media has on people is not negligible when it comes to digital marketing. Such platforms serve the best medium for advertising any business, as they can reach more people quickly and get immediate responses and results. Here lies the relevance of social proof marketing.

How Social Proof Influence Works?

Social proof opens up the most reasonable and reliable facts about a business in front of consumers without many efforts. Thus any business gets easily noticeable and interested consumers could get more details and thus gain profit for the business. The more the people of the same interest view the advertisement, the higher the influence it can bring. Also, if one has more social proof such as tweets on Twitter, reviews on their website, as well as comments and shares on Facebook, etc, then Google ranks them higher and that can influence the users and thus benefit their business a lot. Getting the content shared more on social networks can bring more traffic and hence great social proof influence. All these factors prove the necessity of social proof software to enhance the revenue of the business.

What Is Social Proof?

Whenever anyone search for digital ways to improve the business, social proof influence can seem to be the best way to receive more visitors. Does it pop up in anyone’s mind, what is social proof? Social proof is actually a bandwagon effect. That is, people get attracted more towards something that more people accept or adapt. This is basically a social psychological phenomenon where more people are likely to engage in action if others are doing it. This marketing psychology can boost conversions. 

Installing a social proof app is a tactic to establish the business. It helps to display positive reviews, customer testimonials, influencer endorsements, awards, and recognition, etc. This can also increase the social media followers by increasing the number of users or customers as well as social shares. Any positive comment about a company or the product is social proof. If it is from someone other than a family or friend member, then it is a type of endorsement stating that this company or product is trustworthy. Moreover, if one can stick a photo, full name, and address on their testimonial page, then they have got social proof. The more reviews they get the more influence it can produce.

Get Powerful Social Proof Notification Through Trustlize.  

Social proof notification is the simplest way to notify viewers about the products and the activities so that the buyers can reach and purchase as soon as possible. Trustlize can help to improve the trust, credibility, and sales of their business through live social proof. It is easy to integrate this social proof software into any existing website. It requires adding only a single line of code so that anybody can customize their notification to generate more leads, conversions and thus experiencing immense growth in the business. It is extremely affordable too. They have introduced a lot of options from where one can choose the right plan for them and savor the difference happening in their business. 

Relevance Of Social Proof Marketing

It is obvious that adding more social proof on a website can increase the traffic and hence more business. How is this possible? Social proof can act as a powerful technique by creating a sense of urgency during sale periods and limited offers and thus eventually converting mere browsers into buyers. For instance, customers may fear they will miss out on the opportunity to buy the product profitably and get motivated to make a purchase decision faster whenever it is displayed like 174 people have looked at the same 50% off the product in the last 30 minutes.  The countdown timers can add to this fact. Trustlize facilitates online merchants show to buyers real-time statistics revealing which products or services have actually been most recently accessed or purchased. For instance, it can be observed being displayed on certain websites like “40 others are viewing this hotel right now” or “17 recently bought this product”, etc. This is the best and genuine way of social proof marketing

Lots of examples of successful companies are there that prove the benefit of social proof marketing. It really makes sense that consumers will behave according to the way that others are doing. This is equivalent to the common scenario of society and life. Seeing a line of customers waiting out of a restaurant will make all think that it serves the best quality of food. Similarly, when people see a celebrity drinking a particular brand of coffee, it hikes the quality of that product and more people buy it. Similar criteria work for social proof marketing also. When a leader or an influencer approves a product, it gives the product great acceptance among the public. Thus including such endorsements on the website is the best social proof that can bring a hike on any business. Live user testimonials are the best display of social proof that can influence more browsers to become a buyer. 

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