Trueamx concrete pump is low in price, reliable in quality, stable in operation, and has complete specifications and models.

Concrete pump maintenance1.Daily maintenance,check hydraulic oil level,oil quality,etc.2.Fill up with grease,and fill up after the water tank is emptied.3.Check the piston of the concrete pump.The piston should be well sealed and no mortar has penetrated into the water tank.4.Check the cut-off ring and spectacle plate,the gap should not be greater than 2mm.

concrete pump

5.Check the working conditions of the lubrication system.You should be able to see the back and forth movement of the indicator rod of the progressive oil separator,theposition of the bearing at the end of the S-tube swing arm and the bearing of the stirring shaft,etc.The lubricating oil at the lubricating point should overflow slightly.6.Check whether the functions of all electrical components are normal.7.Check whether the reversing of the distribution valve and the forward and reverse rotation of the stirring device are working normally.

concrete pump maintenance

8.Check the outside of the cooler,if there is dirt,it should be cleaned immediately,otherwise it will easily cause the oil temperature to overheat.9.Check the degree of wear of the concrete pipeline by tapping,and check whether the joints of each pipeline are sealed and in good condition.10.Check the hydraulic system for oil leakage and oil leakage.

Trueamx concrete pump is low in price,reliable in quality,stable in operation,and has complete specifications and models.The manufacturer can provide detailed diagrams of product parameters,working principles,and tailor-made services.

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