TruckIt, Inc. launches an Uber Type App on Google Play

US-based CDP Company, TruckIt, Inc., announces the launch of Uber Type App to create a more efficient trucking industry

TruckIt, Inc. is a CDP USA Inc company looking to change the trucking industry by introducing technology-driven solutions for the different stakeholders in the industry including drivers and customers. As part of the company’s goals of ensuring a more efficient industry, TruckIt, Inc recently announced the launch of its mobile app on Google, which has been likened to Uber, bringing together drivers of pickup trucks and their customers in a unique, seamless way.

The trucking industry is an extremely important part of any economy, particularly as people and businesses need to move their wares, equipment, and other such items from one location to another. However, the industry has not been able to effectively address the dynamic needs of its stakeholders, especially with operators not being easily accessible to clients. This is where TruckIt is looking to make a difference by leveraging the power of technology to create an innovative solution to the problems faced by the industry.

The TruckIt app is designed to make pickup and delivery seamless and more effective, giving customers on one hand access to affordable and quality service providers, while also allowing drivers and other such operators reach their target audience and serve them even better.

The app takes away the long wait involved in getting the permission to use the truck of family and friends, while also providing an effective bypass of the Fuss of renting a truck with all that paper work and Hassle that comes with it.

With the convenience and relative affordability that comes with using the TruckIt, virtually anything can be moved from Furniture, to Lawn Equipment, ATVs, or even purchases on Craigslist/Auction Purchase, with easy payment methods that include PayPal and other major electronic payment channels.

The affordability of using the service, with fees starting from as low as $30 for a pickup is also an attractive feature of the app. The flat fee feature of the app also ensures that users of the Uber like app do not incur extra cost for moving their stuff anywhere in their county.

Described as “the fastest way to move goods,” TruckIt is also creating a convenient, flexible yet profitable platform for drivers to work, by allowing them to register on the platform and decide on when they are available to work.

The app is currently available on Google Play, with plans underway to also launch on the Apple App Store.

More information about TruckIt, the app, and other innovative solutions from the company can be found on the website.

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TruckIt Inc. is a CDP USA Inc company based in Chicago. Founded in July of 2017, the company aims to change the trucking industry with the introduction of innovative solutions that will ensure a more effective and profitable industry for every stakeholder.

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