Trias Announces Fundraising Campaign On Indiegogo For The World’s First Baby Smart Changing Table

Trias launches fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for the first baby-smart changing table, Dieghino.

Trias, an Italian startup in the baby care sector, has announced launch of a fundraising campaign for Dieghino. The product is the first baby smart changing table that comes with a number of innovative features, designed to optimize protection for small babies.

“We are happy to announce that we have taken one more step towards making our dream project Dieghino, a reality,” says Mauro Tartamelli, the co-founder and CEO of Trias. “Our startup is focused on improving safety for children and help parents deal with the tough challenges of baby care. We have a flexible goal of €50,000 which will help us create a smart changing table that will eliminate one of the biggest risks for newborns.”

According to the team at Trias, Dieghino is the world’s first changing smart table that has everything that parents need for efficient cleaning of babies. It also helps eliminate falling, the biggest cause of home accidents worldwide.

Dieghino has everything needed for a smooth and hassle-free changing experience for babies and parents. It has a safety device, anti-rollover tapes, a balance to weight the baby, a soft mat for ultra-comfort while changing, a printed metric scale to track the baby’s growth, containers for various products needed while changing such as baby creams, diapers and napkins and more. The smart table even comes with slots for smartphones.

The idea of creating an improved version of the conventional changing table first came to co-founder Mauro Tartamelli when he came across some disturbing statistics about domestic accidents involving children in Europe. Studies state that there are over one million hospitalizations and over 40,000 deaths Europe wide caused by domestic accidents. Of these, fall from the changing table is one of the main causes.

The team at Trias decided to create a whole new design instead of making changes to the existing concept of changing table. As they involved many parents and grandparents in the project, new ideas and new suggestions came in leading to the creation of the first changing smart table.

Dieghino has been designed with care to give the smart table a sleek, modern look that can match with the décor of any home. It has taken into consideration everything that parents could possibly need during baby cleaning and changing.

According to the CEO, the project is in an advanced prototype stage and they need funds to go in for mass production and for procuring the electronic components associated with the product. The funds will also be used for marketing and spreading awareness about Dieghino worldwide.

Trias aims to encourage more people to participate in the funding campaign on Indiegogo with some attractive perks congruent to the level of investment they make.

About Dieghino – The First Baby Smart Changing Table:

Dieghino is the first baby smart changing table designed and developed by Trias. The project is the brainchild of the Trias team led by Mauro Tartamelli. He was inspired to work on the project after coming across dismaying reports involving accidents and deaths of children due to fall from changing table. The project aims to raise funds for mass production, marketing and other tasks.


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