Trendsetters Music, Black Label Music, and One Famm Music Group (OFMG) Unite: CEO Gutta Embarks on a Journey from Hood to CEO, Moving With Purpose

Forest Park, GA – April 26, 2024 – In a momentous collaboration, CEO Gutta, the 31-year-old Memphis rapper, joins forces with Black Label Music Group, Trendsetters Music, and One Famm Music Group (OFMG) to propel his career to new heights. Following a serendipitous encounter with Seymour Bey, an Executive of Black Label Music Group and Trendsetters Music/OFMG, at Xhale Bar & Grill in Forest Park, GA, discussions swiftly turned into an agreement aimed at providing CEO Gutta with the brand exposure and marketing support necessary for his ascent.

Having dedicated years to honing his craft, CEO Gutta’s relentless pursuit of opportunities has seen him crisscross the nation, performing at private events in pursuit of his dreams. The partnership not only promises to amplify his musical talents but also opens doors to film opportunities and much more.

“CEO Gutta represents the essence of authenticity and drive that we value at Black Label Music Group. We’re thrilled to join forces and support his journey from the hood to CEO,” commented James Drummond Bruce, CEO and Founder of Trendsetters Music and Black Label Music.

Theo “Mr. Network” Hall, CEO and Founder of One Famm Music Group (OFMG), echoed these sentiments, stating, “At OFMG, we recognize talent that transcends boundaries, and CEO Gutta embodies that spirit. Together, we’re poised to revolutionize the music industry and elevate CEO Gutta’s career to unprecedented heights.”

Born on October 15, 1992, in Memphis, TN, CEO Gutta, an American rapper and entrepreneur, is currently immersed in filming his debut lead role in the independent film “LadyGemini.” Concurrently, he is crafting visuals for his latest album, “Beat The Odds,” which debuted earlier this year to critical acclaim.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Record Executive Seymour Bey shared his insights, stating, “In today’s Music Market, it’s not just about the talent of the artist… it’s more about the guts, work ethic, and perseverance of said artist that makes them a star. CEO Gutta has a hustler’s spirit, which is imperative in making it to the next level. We will see what he does.”

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About CEO Gutta:

CEO Gutta is a Memphis-born rapper and entrepreneur known for his unyielding dedication to his craft and his unwavering hustle. With a string of successes under his belt, CEO Gutta continues to break boundaries and redefine the rap game.

About Black Label Music Group:

Black Label Music Group is a pioneering force in the music industry, dedicated to discovering and nurturing raw talent. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Black Label Music Group continues to shape the future of music.

About Trendsetters Music:

Trendsetters Music, founded by James Drummond Bruce, is renowned for its visionary approach to artist development and music production. With a focus on authenticity and creativity, Trendsetters Music empowers artists to realize their full potential.

About One Famm Music Group (OFMG):

One Famm Music Group (OFMG), led by Theo “Mr. Network” Hall, is a trailblazing entity in the music industry, known for its ability to foster talent and create groundbreaking opportunities. With a dedication to pushing boundaries, OFMG is poised to make an indelible mark on the music landscape. 

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