Trending: the International Real Estate Platform is an online international real estate platform created by, the largest real estate platform in Belarus. Within the last 14 years, the team has created some of the highest quality IT products and services for the real estate industry. The company has multiple development offices working with over 1,000 agents and developers from around the world. But what does this exactly mean, and how does it impact the upcoming real estate trends 2019-2020?


Today, the company focuses on facilitating consumer relationships. A trusting and fully-engaged relationship between members of the real estate community on a global scale. A notable impact for the rising need of online real estate platforms is the natural evolution of technological and digital means today. Meaning that companies can potentially solve issues through innovative ideas and by simply keeping up with the times. For example, around 80% of cross-country transactions get obstructed due to unauthenticated agencies and language barriers. The services provided by the company strive to solve these issues, creating an easier, less time-consuming process associated with buying and selling property on an international level.

Meeting demands: B2B and B2C

The system allows for easier property buyer to seller engagement regardless of location, time zone or language. The system focuses on providing a comfortable and safe space for real estate agencies, buyers or sellers to communicate and engage.

B2B clients are developers and real estate agencies that list properties on the web-platform and help the buyer complete property transactions. A convenient and cost-effective ways for consumers to search residential and commercial properties without the hassle of running around a city. Affiliate agencies will organize the best condition for the purchase of property in their designated locations. Buyers receive information about the location, migration and economic requirements, and other necessities.  B2B clients receive an affiliate commission from other agencies, an interconnected tactic aimed at increasing the number of cross-border transaction with domestic and foreign property; which in turn, increases property transaction to foreigners markets. The database provides access to verified partners for potential collaboration.

B2C clients are platform users wishing to purchase property. Platform users are safely guaranteed verified and reliable agencies and developers. Agencies and developers companies that working with go through a thorough authentication process determining their validity.

Realting Trends 2019-2020    

Currently, is functioning in more than 50 countries, including the United States, England, Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Latvia, France, Italy, Greeks, Montenegro, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Turkey, Russia, and Bulgaria. The company seeks new opportunities with agencies from various countries, creating an interconnected global partnership. Shifting trends in this regard are intertwined with technological advancements in real estate. Online real estate platforms comes with an in-depth and integrative understanding of potential multi-national economies. Tailored strategies can be made to accommodate certain real estate areas based on the online activities.

Residential real estate will become more specialized towards local and cultural alterations. The growth of emerging markets in online real estate platforms will create powerful competitive players and innovative real estate asset management. in this regard opens new demands and possibilities in the context of shared economy – the upcoming trending online platform.

ABOUT REALTING is international online real estate platform based in Minsk, Belarus. Belarus is one of the top 10 counties in Information Technology and take an avid part in the high-tech park. is developing dynamically with a coordinated team and strong leadership. There are multiple development offices in Minsk, which consist of the following departments:

• Design and Development

• Analytics and Editorial

• Sales B2B and B2C

• Digital Marketing

• Public Relations and Marketing

“Every day we strive to do our best to ensure that buyers around the world receive a top-notch service when purchasing foreign property in the easiest and most straightforward way” – team

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