Tree Vitalize Study of 5 Million+ Trees Reveals the United States’ Most Common Trees

Tree Vitalize Study of 5 Million+ Trees Reveals the United States' Most Common Trees
Top 10 Tree Species Observed Across 63 U.S Cities
In-depth Analysis of Over 5 Million Trees in 63 Cities Sheds Light on Urban Forest Diversity in America

Pittsburgh, PA – Nov 27, 2023 – A groundbreaking study conducted by Tree Vitalize has revealed key insights into the state of urban forests across the United States. The comprehensive analysis, covering 5,182,022 trees in 63 cities, highlights the most common tree species and offers a crucial understanding of urban forest diversity and management needs.

As urban areas continue to expand, with projections indicating an increase from 3.6% of the land in 2010 to 8.6% by 2060, the importance of dynamic urban forest management becomes increasingly evident. Tree Vitalize’s study, therefore, plays a critical role in guiding effective and sustainable urban forestry practices.

“Our extensive research sheds light on the diversity of tree species in urban areas across the nation,” said Fern Berg, founder of Tree Vitalize. “It’s vital for us to understand this diversity to manage our urban forests effectively, especially as our cities continue to grow. This study is a step towards ensuring a sustainable and vibrant urban canopy for future generations.”

The study’s findings are significant:

  • A total of 5,182,022 trees were observed across 63 U.S. cities.

  • The median number of trees per city was 41,250, with a median of 153 unique species.

  • The most common species include London planetree (4.20%), Crape myrtle (4.06%), and Norway maple (4.04%).

  • The data also highlights the necessity of managing invasive species and the importance of initiatives for increasing urban canopy cover and species diversity.

Tree Vitalize’s study not only identifies the predominant tree species but also brings to light the various challenges urban forests face, such as invasive species, pests, and diseases. The insights gained are invaluable for urban planners, environmentalists, and policymakers working towards resilient and diverse urban forests.

For more information about the Tree Vitalize Study and to explore the findings in detail, including the specific data on tree diversity in major U.S. cities such as Dallas, Denver, New York City, Stockton, and Portland, visit Tree Vitalize.

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