Tree Surgeons Unite Against Vandalism: Advocating Enhanced Protection for Heritage Trees in Wake of Sycamore Gap Incident

Tree Surgeons Unite Against Vandalism: Advocating Enhanced Protection for Heritage Trees in Wake of Sycamore Gap Incident
Advocating Enhanced Protection for Heritage Trees in Wake of Sycamore Gap Incident
Trees Indeed, London’s premier tree surgeons, condemn the recent vandalism of the iconic Sycamore tree near Hadrian’s Wall and call for increased protection of vital natural landmarks. They are a family-run firm committed to delivering quick and trustworthy tree care services, including pruning, removal, stump grinding, planting and more.

London – 20th Oct, 2023 – Trees Indeed, the leading tree surgeons in London, stand united with the community in condemning the recent act of vandalism that befell the iconic Sycamore tree near Hadrian’s Wall. In response to this unfortunate incident, the company expresses its deepest concern for the preservation of heritage trees and advocates for enhanced protection measures.

The famous Sycamore, prominently featured in the 1991 Hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, faced a deliberate act of vandalism, prompting swift action by Northumbria Police. In connection with the incident, authorities have apprehended a 16-year-old boy and a man in his 60s, indicating the imperative need for heightened vigilance in protecting culturally significant trees.

The National Trust, which is in charge of the site, is currently engaged in the meticulous removal of the 50ft Sycamore, collaborating closely with local authorities to ensure the preservation of this historical site. Andrew Poad, the site’s general manager, expressed the necessity of the tree’s removal to both preserve Hadrian’s Wall and ensure visitor safety. Despite the challenges posed by the tree’s size, the experts aim to retain the trunk in large sections, offering flexibility for potential future use, possibly as a monument.

The public has been encouraged to contribute to the ongoing conversation about the future of the site through a planned public consultation. With UNESCO designation and recognition as a Scheduled Ancient Monument, the Hadrian’s Wall site holds cultural significance that extends beyond regional boundaries.

As tree caretakers, Trees Indeed recognises the gravity of the situation and emphasises the importance of public cooperation for preserving nature. Tree surgeons, also known as arborists, specialise in the care and maintenance of trees across diverse environments, including gardens, forests, and urban landscapes.

Possessing extensive training and qualifications, these professionals excel in evaluating the well-being and safety of trees. Their expertise extends to tasks such as the careful removal of deceased or diseased branches, the precise pruning and shaping of trees, and, when required, the skillful felling or removal of trees. They employ specialised equipment and pest control techniques to ensure the health and longevity of trees in various settings.

As a local business deeply rooted in the community, Trees Indeed emphasises the significance of preserving natural heritage. Duncan and Perry, the father-and-son duo leading the company, convey their heartfelt sentiments for the beloved Sycamore and echo the community’s call for increased protection of such vital landmarks.

About Trees Indeed

Established in 1997 by Perry’s father, Trees Indeed is a reputable, family-run firm providing comprehensive tree care services. Operating under the guidance of Duncan and Perry, the family run company is committed to delivering quick, amiable, and trustworthy services with a focus on preserving nature. Trees Indeed offers a range of tree related services, including tree pruning, removal, stump grinding, and planting, using the latest equipment and techniques to ensure safe, efficient, and high-quality work.

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