Travel-sized CPAP Machines Make Living with Sleep Apnea a Lot Easier

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) comes as a great relief to persons suffering from Sleep Apnea. The pressure from the supply of air keeps the airways from collapsing. It ensures one does not stop breathing during sleep and prevents possible complications caused due to the lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

However, if one travels often, lugging around a heavy, noisy CPAP machine can become very tedious. But for sleep apnea patients, the dependence on CPAP machines for a good night’s rest becomes so high, they simply cannot do without them.

Taking cognisance of this, the lineup at numerous CPAP machine brands feature travel-friendly models. Made in lightweight materials and compact designs that one can use when on the go. ResMed’s AirMini, DreamStation Go, Transcend 3, Z2 and XT are just to name a few.

A travel-sized CPAP machine is much like its bedside counterparts, only smaller in size. There are models as small as those that can fit in the palm of your hand or could be the size of an alarm clock or smartphone. Take for instance ResMeds AirMini. A slimmer, lightweight design is easy to pack and carry. They do not compromise on the features, in fact they include a few more that allow for easy, comfortable and continuous breathing during sleep.

CPAP machine users often complain of dry throat the next morning. The humidification feature helps resolve this problem. Bedside models use water to humidify the airflow. But using water can get quite inconvenient when travelling. Hence Portable CPAP machines incorporate waterless humidification. They draw the moisture from the surrounding air as well as the users breath to dehumidify the flow. Coupled with built-in humidification are the climate control and bluetooth connectivity features included on many systems.

They are low on operational noise; thus, one needn’t worry about disturbing a sleeping partner or say for instance when travelling in an airplane. Additionally, a full-sized CPAP machine needs to be plugged into an electric connection to operate. Popular CPAP travel models have an integrated battery to enable use of the machine irrespective of the availability of an electric connection. Some models might, however, require the buyer to purchase the battery as an add-on for an additional cost. The batteries are rechargeable and extend for 1 to 2 days on most CPAP machine models. Nonetheless, it depends on the pressure level and the use of other components. Auto-settings let the machine automatically adjust the pressure settings to the requirements.

Another plus point of CPAP machines designed for travel is that they can easily be synced with the users mobile via various apps. These apps allow for convenient setup anywhere. They also assist with sleep data recording and monitoring.

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