TRAVELA – The World’s Best Long Term Travel Backpack for Long Distance and International Travel

TRAVELA, The revolutionary new long term travel backpack from Heart Product Design Company, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Long travel can be a Pain and exhausting when you have to face Neck Pain, Leg Pain, Phone run out of Charge, Smelly Clothes and even charging Plugs that donn’t work in different Countries – That ‘s why we created TRAVELA Backpack to get ALL these Problems solved!

Travel will never again be a nightmare thanks to the TRAVELA backpack which makes long distance and international travel a joy with over 30+ features designed especially the traveler in mind. The backpack solves all the tough and sticky issues a traveler might run into and is more powerful than meets the initial eye thanks to the abundance of features which can seemingly solve just about anything.

The TRAVELA backpack includes a multitude of pockets that make storage of everything from phones, passports, tickets, pens, umbrellas,drink and more incredibly easy. A charging pocket ensures batteries are always full while a bit in foldable chair means the traveler always has a place to seat even in busy or crowded spaces. An included travel pillow, eye mask, and noise-cancelling earbuds keep travelers comfortable and able to rest easy so no time needs to be wasted, An Included foot rest pad which means a traveler’s leg pain can be relieved on the go. Included hangers and laundry bags means users can settle in comfortably at their hotel and dry their T-Shirt or Socks, The Multi-Country Adapter fits over 150+ country’s plugs to charge a laptop and other devices.

All these features and more make TRAVELA backpack the ultimate solution for long term travel.

We know all these travel issues exist as do travelers worldwide,” adds Lei. “There are some backpacks that can solve maybe one or two of these issues, but no one product on the market can solve all these issues. That’s why the TRAVELA Backpack is the best.”

The TRAVELA Backpack is available on Indiegogo and offer instant shipping after making Pledge:

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