Travel On This Christmas Day with Airwheel R8 Mountain Electric Bike

Airwheel’s invention of smart electric bicycle is a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of the industry, making people’s daily life healthy and pleasurable. While, the R8 electric mountain bike is designed for the modern commuter, letting you travel in style.

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With more riders seeking efficient transport vehicles, the green vehicles gains popularity. Stuck in heavy traffic, the so-called fast vehicles, like buses and cars could no longer move “fast”. Airwheel smart electric bike was born following the tide that allow riders to refuse traffic congestion. Airwheel’s invention of electric aided-bicycle is a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of the industry, making people’s daily life healthy and pleasurable. Campus cruiser, port explorer, to city commuter, this 26 inch electric assist bike R8 provides all the convenience and power you want.

R-series is the newest series featuring three ride mode. R5 is the first model of R series and one the basis of R5, R8 hybrid bike was born. Riders can enjoy different riding pleasure in different modes, for instance, in man-powered mode, it can behave like traditional bikes to build up your body; you can achieve a longer range on a single charge and enjoy different speeds in moped mode; the powerful motor and quality lithium battery will give you an easy ride in electric mode. R8’s battery is swappable located below of the saddle and the UBS port makes it more useful, as it is compatible with the daily electronics.

Unlike R5, R8 lightweight trekking bike installs triangular frame formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminum alloy casting to lock the joint, leading to high performance of crush resistance. Moreover, Airwheel R8 is equipped with a 26-inch wheel hub enabling R8 to be adaptable to various road conditions, as the 26-inch tire with unique tread pattern that helps drain water, dissipate heat and enhance grip performance ensures a comfortable riding experience.

Also, there is a trip computer mounted on the handle making riders learn the real-time data and change the ride modes much easily. Its headlight and brake warning light are exclusively designed for night riding, making riding safer and more energy-saving and greener. Now, ride R8 electric hoverboard to enjoy the beautiful outdoor views and also it will delight you on the upcoming Christmas.

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