Traumatic Brain Injury Rate Increases Dizzying; Is Hope Restored in New Treatment Options?

Bellingham, Washington – 15 February, 2017 – As TBI awareness increases through newscasts, and popular media as the Will Smith movie “Concussion” which demonstrates the long-term impact of the 900-1500 blows to the head a professional football player takes, TBI is a growing concern for parents of children in sports and young drivers.

Over 40% of TBIs are caused by falls, 15% by blunt trauma as in sports injuries, and 14% due to motor vehicle accidents.  More than half (55%) of TBIs among children 0 to 14 years, and More than two-thirds (81%) of TBIs in adults aged 65 and older are caused by falls.

Motor vehicle accidents and falls are responsible for most TBIs suffered by Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 2 million Americans per year experience TBI, with 14.3% caused by traffic accidents and 40.5% caused by falls.

That means some 286,000 TBIs results from car crashes annually. The actual number may be much higher, because brain injuries aren’t always immediately obvious after an accident. TBI is commonly referred to as a “silent” epidemic because many people do not associate brain injury with concussions—the most common form of TBI.

Concussion sufferers often wait for symptoms to subside on their own not knowing that treatment options do exist. As these daunting statistics add up, Dr. Jeffrey Albright has opened Integrative Health Bellingham to restore hope through cutting-edge treatment options. He has sought specialized training in functional neurology, clinical neuroscience based rehabilitation, and clinical nutrition. These treatments provide the brain with fuel in the form of oxygen, glucose and nutrients in combination with proper stimulation to affect various parts of the brain to improve function.  

Over his career, Dr. Albright has seen many traumatic brain injury patients through working with an estimated 4,000 motor vehicle accident patients, professional athletes such as football and soccer players, boxers, mixed martial artists, and dancers. He states, “As a former teacher, I enjoy educating our community about brain function and human performance.” He volunteers providing workshops and information on various health related topics to local community groups. 

Integrative Health Bellingham, located at 801 Samish Way, Suite 202, offers a free consultation and screening of brain function in the hopes to help prevent falls and injuries, or address any of health concerns.

Schedules for consultation can be made by contacting their office at 360-746-8378.

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