Trans woman, trans advocate and former WWE Superstar, Gabbi Tuft, announces the release of her inspiring book, “Vibe Check: Awaken Your Authentic Self and Live Your Best Life”

Trans woman, trans advocate and former WWE Superstar, Gabbi Tuft, announces the release of her inspiring book, "Vibe Check: Awaken Your Authentic Self and Live Your Best Life"
The perfect coffee table book that will leave readers inspired and motivated.
Igniting the fire of personal growth and self-acceptance

AUSTIN, Texas – Gabbi Tuft, a trans woman and former WWE Superstar, recently released her coffee table book, “Vibe Check,” in hopes of encouraging and motivating readers to find empowerment in self-discovery, as they embark on the journey to reach their full potential of self-love and gratitude. 

Tuft’s narrative is truly compelling, as it captures her personal experience of living out her truth, finding courage and reaching her authentic self. From her wrestling career to navigating gender identity to finally becoming the woman she was destined to be, Tuft’s life story shapes the foundation of this must-read book as she uses pivotal life moments and personal lessons from her own experiences to ignite hope and light for anyone searching for a spark of motivation and a sense of purpose. 

Having gone through her own transformative journey of highs and lows to achieve true authentic living, Tuft’s book includes 32 daily lessons that foster a positive mindset for those seeking genuine happiness. With compelling visuals, short quotes and full manifestation lessons, “Vibe Check” leads readers on a remarkable walk to a fulfilling and serene life that is reflective of true intentions and originality. 

“I have no doubt I will learn lots about myself reading through the 32 lessons contained in this book,” a personal fitness client of Gabbi’s, Melanie Madocks, said. “This will be kept by my bedside for reference each morning and reflection each evening.”

Tuft’s unwavering commitment to helping people embrace change and love themselves helped create this influential work of art, serving as a call-to-action for tackling adversity, becoming resilient and surpassing the limitations of living an inauthentic life. 

As a well-known motivational fitness coach, speaker, social media influencer and distinguished professional athlete, Tuft is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life reach their dreams. From her struggles navigating her transition to now being comfortable in her own skin, Tuft holds valuable insight into embracing change, as she is always continuing to grow for the better. This is reflected in her book, making “Vibe Check” essential in helping people break away from the restraints brought on by society and self-criticism. 

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About Gabbi Tuft 

Gabbi Tuft is a forerunner and pioneer in the transgender community, a renowned professional athlete, keynote speaker and fitness coach. Gabbi has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry and has coached over 1500 people to success in the past 13 years. With 99% of her clients being cisgender women, Gabbi’s mission is to empower women to break free from cyclical behaviors and embrace sustainable fitness and nutrition habits, all while fostering positive neuro-associations for success, inspiring a world of women who embrace change and love themselves as the queens they are. Her goal is to create a ripple effect of empowered women who lead fulfilling lives, unlocking their true potential and celebrating their individuality.

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