Traditional Baking Announced Launch of New Cookies

“Traditional Baking, Inc., announced the launch of their Baker’s Batch reformulated mini cookies and new Sugar Free Almonette cookies”
New cookies launched by Traditional Baking that include reformulated mini cookies and sugar free almonette.

Traditional Baking, Inc., Bloomington, Ca, announced the launch of their Baker’s Batch reformulated mini cookies and new Sugar Free Almonette cookies

The mini cookies are available in chocolate and oatmeal varieties and packaged in 4 ounce cups, 10 ounce laydown bags and 12 ounce tubs.

The reformulation makes them crisp and mini thin and popular for school lunches, mid-day snacks, picnics, watching TV or for serving at any function.

Baker’s Batch sugar free cookies have been redesigned in new packaging with the addition of their top selling regular Almonette cookie now made Sugar Free.

Almonette complements other sugar free offerings in the line that include Shortbread, Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip varieties. 

Baker’s Batch sugar-free cookies are a viable alternative for diabetes sufferers with a sweet tooth by containing sugar substitutes, while maintaining high quality and taste.

Both Baker’s Batch mini cookies and sugar free almonette cookies will soon be available in grocery stores nationwide.

About Traditional Baking, Inc.

Traditional Baking is a contract bakery and cookie manufacturer based in a 60,00 square foot facility in Bloomington, California located just 60 miles east of Los Angeles and near the Ontario International Airport.

The facility currently operates multiple computer controlled ovens each with three temperature zones. The finished goods warehousing and distribution services are handled through 100,000 square foot facility located in Redlands, California. 

They offer branded items through the Baker’s Batch label  serving major retail chains nationwide, contract packing, private label cookies and products for institutions.

For more information please call (909) 877-8471 or visit

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