TRACY NEGOSHIAN is filling a Gap between the Female Consumer and Retail

Social Shopping and the Direct Sales Revolution NEGOSHIAN, INC

Clearwater, FL – January 30, 2018 –  In an era where time is a commodity for most women, the convenience of in-home boutique shopping has begun to fill the gap between the most valuable consumer in the world and retail. With the retail industry continuing a noticeable free fall, Tracy Negoshian, designer, entrepreneur and mom of two, found herself strategically shifting her focus to a sales channel that not only provided more convenience for women but also, provided an opportunity for income.

In 2016, Tracy Negoshian began developing the platform for what is now one of the elite direct sales fashion companies operating in the U.S. today. After months of research and listening to what women wanted from their fashion shopping experiences, was launched as the new sales channel for the TRACY NEGOSHIAN fashion brand.

Tracy believes, exceptionally great products should not only solve a problem, they should also create delight. The new TRACY NEGOSHIAN business model offers women the ability to purchase their wardrobe from a trained Stylist in the comfort of a friendly living room and a convenient dressing cabana. No longer do women need to fight traffic, drag armfuls of clothing (and kids) to a changing room and make swift, high-pressure decisions. On the flip side, the TN Stylist selling at the in-home boutique event is completely supported by a corporate team.  The TN support team provides aggressive commissions on the fashions sold, one-on-one business training, back office support, marketing support, replicated personal websites, drop-shipping to customers and customer care.

Creating a business for women, by women was important to Tracy Negoshian and it shows. As society evolves in this fast-paced digital age, so does the way consumers shop for themselves and their families. was specifically developed to meet the changing needs of women looking for better, more effective and flexible ways to shop and work. 

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