Tourist Visa For India and Business Visa For India

Tourist Visa for India

Although India is often considered an exotic holiday destination, it is a place with a rich and diverse culture that you are sure to return to with some unforgettable experiences.

You are lucky to be an international traveller who has decided to visit India. as a tourist, since it does not require great difficulties to make this long-awaited trip come true.  The Indian government offers an electronic Tourist Visa for India, or E-Visa, which is for visitors only and can be applied for online instead of at the Indian Embassy in your country as is the case with the traditional paper visa.

This Tourist Visa for India is not just for visitors who come to the nation for leisure or sightseeing; it also aims to make life easier for people who wish to visit India to see friends, family, or other loved ones.

Requirements for an Indian tourist visa

The India Tourist Visa has several requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible, although it is so beneficial. It can only be used by tourists who wish to enter the country on a Tourist e-Visa and leave within 180 days.

To qualify, you must leave the country for another trip or return home within this period. Also, the tourist visa for India only allows non-commercial travel to India. You are eligible to apply for an India Tourist Visa as long as you meet the General E-Visa Eligibility Requirements and India Tourist Visa Eligibility Requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the Indian Tourist Visa is for foreigners who wish to visit India as tourists to see all the major tourist attractions and have an amazing vacation there, or who wish to visit family members who already live there. However, foreign visitors can also use an India tourist visa if they are travelling to the country to participate in a volunteer project of a month or less, attend a short-term yoga program, or enrol in a class that is not taking place for more than six months. You can only apply for an Indian Tourist Visa for these legitimate reasons.


The Indian Government welcomes international investors and companies to come to India and manufacture their products in India. And in order to make it easier for investors and businessmen to get Indian Visa, the Government of India has opened a separate window for them ie; Business Visa for India. Entrepreneurs and investors can apply online for a business visa for India.

Who Can Apply for Business Visa For India

Foreign nationals wishing to visit India to establish or explore the possibility of an industrial or commercial business, companies and associated companies in India.

Foreign nationals travel to India to buy or sell durable, commercial or manufactured goods. Estate. Foreign nationals travelling to India for technical talks, board meetings or general assemblies to promote business services.

Requirements for business visas

  • The foreign national must be in good financial standing; appropriate documentation of this and knowledge of the prospective business will be required before the business visa for India is granted.
  • The foreign national may not travel to India for purposes such as lending money, running a small business or trade, or working full-time there.
  • The foreign national must adhere to all other criteria, such as paying outstanding taxes.

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