Totalprestige Celebrates 30 Years with Style and Panache

Totalprestige Celebrates 30 Years with Style and Panache
Totalprestige Magazine’s current and upcoming issues. Featuring on cover Steven Page and Dr. Glenn Losack
Totalprestige is taking time out of its schedule to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary and it is doing it with style and panache as well as offering something a little bit new and unexpected for its readers: Totalprestige Magazine PREMIUM

Thirty years running is a cause for celebration and Totalprestige is pulling out all the stops for readers as it gears up to launch a new era with Totalprestige Magazine PREMIUM, an new online portal providing a comprehensive and detailed guide to the balanced, sophisticated lifestyle.

The PREMIUM space was initially launched with a vetted cohort of contributors and features 650 content channels ranging from topics such as business, entrepreneurship, and style to cryptocurrencies, sports, and finance. Reflecting the brand itself, the content represents an amalgamation of the collected interests and passions of the readership over the years and is representative as well as symbolic of Totalprestige Magazine’s position as the go-to source for all things worthy of discussion. Totalprestige Magazine envisions them as “micro-communities” within which participants will be able to share, learn, and get to know one another in an environment conducive to the cordial and enlightened exchange of ideas.

As if that isn’t a rare oasis on the Internet already by itself, Totalprestige Magazine PREMIUM encourages users to contribute their own content as well in the form of comments, stories, images, and videos. There will also be a newsletter feature enabling members to subscribe to their favorite creators. Creators also have the ability to monetize their work with a free or paid channel. Unlike other communities of this type, Totalprestige Magazine PREMIUM has a generous 30/70 revenue split and all content and activity is monitored by Totalprestige staff to ensure quality in addition to maintaining a healthy online environment that facilitates and encourages the best discussions and communication. Bearing all the hallmarks of something new and exciting while maintaining the image and reputation of the brand is something Totalprestige has perfected over its thirty-year history and this polish shows in its PREMIUM offering. 

In addition to the launch of the PREMIUM offering, Totalprestige Magazine’s current issue features Steven Page on cover. Steven is a Chief Marketing, Digital & IT Officer expert.

“The collaboration between the CMO, CDO, and CIO is essential to bridge the gap between marketing and technology, align business goals with technology capabilities, and drive innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness in marketing strategies and operations. So why not combine both, hire the right people, and have all three departments under one leader? This is the future of marketing, no matter what business you are in.” said Steven Page

Upcoming cover features Dr. Glenn Losack whose recently published photo essay, “The Bonds We Share,” is an intimate examination of eternal themes such as the interconnected destiny of humanity and the commonalities we all share. Delving into the human experience, Dr. Losack finds shared tangents that bind us all into a unified community through common, universal experiences that define the human condition in the modern era.

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