Toronto-based Family Mediation Services Provider Comments on Recent Divorce Trends in Canada

According to the latest data published this year by Statistics Canada, over 36,600 divorces happened across the province of Ontario between 2019 and 2020. The same report also showed that while divorce rates have been declining, the main contributing factors are aging populations and a lower tendency to divorce among younger married adults.

Commenting further on these findings, a key representative from Separate Simply, a Toronto-based family mediation firm, has said ‘These findings do not come as a complete surprise. We would also add that the figures analyzed also cover the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic where public health measures, such as lockdowns, have really put a strain on relationships and family life, and equally, have restricted access to services like court proceedings. The findings also do not include separation cases that have been mediated outside of court which would have been extremely useful in seeing the bigger picture and understanding whether mediation is becoming a more and more popular alternative to court proceedings’.

Another trend highlighted in the report focuses on the idea of selectivity among younger adults when it comes to getting married in this first place which could also play a role in the declining rates. Yet, the firm highlights that while this stands true, younger adults seem to also be choosing alternatives to marriage, such as common law unions. Further clarifying the statement, the representative added, ‘It is important for people to understand that mediation is such an important tool that does not just apply to divorce. Young adults should be aware of all their options and the pros and cons associated with each when embarking on a separation journey’.

Separate Simply came to life when Robyn and Josh Pugen first met each other after dealing with their own divorces and the challenges associated with them. The founders both wanted to draw from their experiences in order to create a service that can truly support and make a difference in the lives of Canadians thinking about or going through separation and divorce. ‘Separation and divorce mediation are the most appropriate solution to a challenging and already sensitive situation and we are committed to making more people aware of the benefits, such as confidentiality, cost-efficiency and a lower risk of further damaging the relationship between the two parties, particularly if children are involved. Our team of licensed family law experts with a track record of success is always available for an initial free-of-charge consultation’, the spokesperson concluded.

Separate Simply offers a broad range of separation and divorce mediation provided by law, parenting collaboration, family arbitration and financial information.

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Separate Simply is a family-owned business providing tailored and specialized mediation and arbitration services across the city of Toronto. Inspired by their own challenges and issues of dealing with divorce, the founders’ vision for the firm was built with clients’ needs at its very core.

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