Toronto-Based Clinic Provides Real Hair Re-Growth Without Use of Toxins or Chemicals

Random or stress-induced hair loss or thinning can occur at any age, and can be a disconcerting event for many Canadians. From loss of confidence and self esteem to embarrassment, the physical and mental effects can be unpleasant. However, the variety of chemical and toxin treatments that are readily available can be equally as unappealing to many people due to the health risks involved and the potential side effects.

Because of this, many Canadians are turning to Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to reinvigorate hair growth. This natural form of hair re-growth therapy harnesses resources already in the human body to provide a natural alternative to chemical and toxin treatments.

The treatments have a proven track record of safety over the past twenty years, and a number of studies have been produced that underline this assurance. This is because the treatments use the patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth. This reduces any risk of infections or any other negative effects to an absolute minimum since no foreign blood or materials are used during the procedure.

PRP treatments are also safely used around the world to treat a variety of other conditions in a safe and natural manner. This includes cosmetic procedures, oral treatments and orthopaedic remedies.

“Our process involves stimulating and enriching the patient’s own blood cells and providing a high concentration to the scalp. This harnesses crucial components in blood in order to stimulate hair growth. This principle is built on targeting natural resources of the patient’s own blood in order to provide a completely safe and natural remedy,” a spokesman for the clinic added.

The procedure for the treatment is carried out in around an hour, and is non-surgical and non-invasive. The patient’s blood sample is analyzed and treated in order to increase its platelet concentration. The scalp is then injected, pain-free with the use of anaesthetic, with the PRP-ready blood. These injections are targeted to the areas in need of re-growth in order to minimize the patient’s treatment time. Following completion of the PRP treatment, the minor procedure is concluded by the supplementary use of microneedles and minor laser treatment.

“Another benefit to patients of PRP treatments is that the side effects and recovery time are almost non-existent. The only minor side effects that some patients experience are a small amount of redness near the top of the head, or minor swelling that disappears within two days.”

Patients that have PRP treatment for hair loss or thinning can usually expect to see some results within around three months, and full results within a year. Depending on the results of the treatment and the supplementary therapies that the patient chooses to take up, a certain amount of top-up sessions may also be required in order to preserve the effects.

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Canada MedLaser Newmarket provide a series of clinics in the Greater Toronto Area that offer a range of treatments and procedures designed to reduce the effects of ageing, hair loss, and generally increase the appearance and wellbeing of its patients. With a team of FDA-regulated doctors, nurses and aestheticians, the center guarantees results of its treatments and prioritizes patient safety above all else in its procedures.

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