Toronto Rehab Facility Offers “Sober Living” Treatment

Addiction and substance abuse are serious problems for many Canadians. These disorders can ultimately affect the sufferer’s behavior and cause them to do things they wouldn’t normally want to do, such as criminal-type behavior.

According to a 2017 survey, 26% of Canadians said they thought opioid abuse was a crisis in the country. Another 42% called it a serious problem that should be addressed. Nearly 50% of all Canadians have reportedly consumed some type of illicit drug within their lifetime. This includes drugs like cannabis, ecstasy, hallucinogens, and cocaine.

In Toronto, there is a rehabilitation facility which offers a “sober living” treatment to patients who suffer from these kinds of addictions. Sober Living Toronto’s treatment philosophy is that recovering addicts who have fewer regulations and more freedoms to socialize with others in similar situations will have a much better chance of getting sober. In fact, the patients are encouraged to create their own rules and make decisions for the facility.

“Since sober living houses have few regulations, it allows each house to be quite diverse. For instance, you might have one house with more freedoms and less supervision, and another house where everyone is closely watched and monitored,” according to the Sober Living Toronto website.

The sober living houses of this organization are different than halfway houses. A lot of government regulation and strict requirements are placed on patients in halfway houses. They cannot make any of the rules or decisions for themselves, and they’re closely monitored by the staff. On top of that, many of the patients placed in halfway houses are former violent offenders, sex offenders, and other types of convicts. This can make it uncomfortable for someone who is merely trying to recover from an addiction.

The biggest rules in sober living houses pertain to staying drug-free. No one can have drugs on them or bring drugs into the facility. Drug tests are periodically performed on patients to ensure they are sober. There are plenty of group therapy sessions and 12-step programs for sober living residents who are serious about staying sober. In addition, there are plenty of chores and activities to do to keep residents sober, such as preparing meals and assisting other residents.

Sober living treatment has been proven to have a high success rate. The therapy sessions are meant to address all aspects of a patient’s life, such as their spiritual, mental, physical, and psychological well-being. With so much trust in the atmosphere, patients feel more at ease to get help for their addiction at a sober living facility. Perhaps more facilities like this one will trend in other places too.

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