TopTenPercenter Sales Growth Society

One out of seven jobs in America are sales related.The TopTenPercenters Sales Growth Society (SGS) will open its doors on June 12, 2017 with the focus to significantly impact the earnings, lifestyle and future of salespeople worldwide.

Beginning June 5, SGS will be extending the opportunity for sales professionals from all industries (tangible or intangible products and services) to experience 3+ hours of complimentary sales training to introduce them to the SGS methods. 

Shane Byers, the founder of SGS, who will be leading video training, live – interactive webinars and sales mastermind groups weekly for SGS members said, “54% of all salespeople fail.  50% of all sales managers are too busy to train their salespeople.  By SGS giving salespeople free sales training we are leading the way to raise the level of expertise and satisfaction in the sales industry. This is very important to us.”

Mr. Byers has run elite level sales teams for more than 20 years having built and run teams selling products and services from Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham and others.  Additionally, the SGS is introducing 14 books written by Mr. Byers including 4 sales books (Relax and Sell: How to become a TopTenPercenter Series) and 10 self-improvement books (The Super-Me Self-Improvement Series). 

The Sales Growth Society members also have access to many sales course recorded video trainings such as:

1) You Must Think It to Be It – You have much more influence than you think!

2) Are you Missing the Point with Your Sales Approach?

3) Stories of TopTenPercenter™ Excellence

4) 5 Required Skill Sets of TopTenPercenter™ Sales Management

More information about how you can become involved with the Sales Growth Society can be found by emailing or visit Put a reminder on your calendar for June 5 to learn how you can grow and prosper in the sales industry.

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