TopBuzz: The News App That’s Modernizing Local News

TopBuzz: The News App That’s Modernizing Local News

TopBuzz: All-In-One News Apps

More Americans than ever are turning to social media and apps to stay informed about national breaking news, yet for local news they still tune in to pre-smartphone era media like local television and newspapers. Why hasn’t local news gone the way of a more app-friendly direction? We don’t know, but we think an app that combines important local issues with relevant content would seem like a smart step. Recently, we got to try out a new app called TopBuzz that gave us a glimpse into the future of local news apps.

All-In-One News Apps are Here to Stay

When we first opened TopBuzz we saw major national stories from the biggest names in news: Reuters, Nytimes, AP and CNN. We scrolled down and saw some trending content to which was a pleasant surprise. After we were done with the main “For You” section we moved to the next one which was “Local.” It was effortless to go from headline news to local coverage and scroll through the articles. Normally I would exit the app and open my browser to type my local news channel’s url, not anymore, it’s all here.

Local News Matters More

It’s nice to keep up with what’s happening in D.C., or to be aware of the biggest stories, but the reality is that content doesn’t affect us personally the way local news does. Local news impacts us every day. The opening of a new park, a road closure, or local politics hits much closer to home. Topbuzz takes a variety of local sources and combines it into one local feed, so we get all the local news we need in one place.  

No pesky Neighbors

TopBuzz isn’t like those user generated news neighborhood apps who get their news from vigilante neighbors. TopBuzz sources their news from reliable local news outlets that you can trust. This means more accurate coverage and not having to deal with an alarmist nosy nellie. You can also find information about local events and deals, and that’s the kind of news we like.

Fun is on the Horizon

The comic section of the local paper still rocks. It’s a lighthearted way to stay entertained if we tire of hard-hitting news. TopBuzz does the same thing by providing users with a trending video section that is full of the clips everyone is talking about. Who doesn’t love a good cat video, or a must-share find?

Local News For Everyone

It’s comforting that people still watch local news and subscribe to their local paper, but it’s also assuring to think that an entire community can access news and information more conveniently without having to use social media. If you’re looking for a way to get all the news you need in one simple app, give TopBuzz a try. The future on local news is brighter than ever.   

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