Top100Exchange is launching their native coin through the ICO that begins on August 20th

One of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, Top100exchange has announced that they will be launching their exchange coin named the ‘TP coin’ on August 20th through the official ICO. The TP coin is based on their own blockchain and has a maximum supply of 300,000,000.

The exchange has fixed their soft cap to 8,250,000 USD and hard cap to 16,500,000 USD. Out of all the amount raised from the ICO, 10% will be allocated to Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution, 55% to Distribution Committee, 10% to Advisor, 15% to Team and Founder and 10% to the Partnership Program. The team and founder’s coin will be locked for 2 years while the advisor’s coin will be locked in for 1 year. The company also agrees to buy TP coin from the market with the addition of 20% increment based on the market value every quarter.

Top100exchange is one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange to trade in Bitcoins and altcoins. It is backed by a team of expert professionals with several years of experience in the world of cryptocurrency. Together, they have built a platform that provides secure transactions and best exchange rates to the traders with a fee of 0.5% only. Their aim to is to provide a transparent and fair exchange platform to the traders, which is backed by state of the art technology and a user-friendly interface.  

Top100exchange offers quick order execution, little spread and access to order book with high liquidity for the best currency pairs. It also strives to maintain the utmost security of the platform by using full data encryption in accordance with PCI DSS standards to avoid all sorts of DDoS attacks. It has already processed hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions since the time of inception, building trust among the existing and potential users. The platform provides full control to the user to maintain and manage their private keys with a multi-signature vault, to ensure the maximum privacy of their digital assets and wallet.

The team of Top100exchange constantly works to maintain and improve the security systems on the platform. All the systems are constantly tested and upgraded to ensure the best-in-class security of the platform. Another feature of the platform is the Instant Exchange Service that allows the user to send and receive digital currency in a simple, automatic and efficient way. The user just has to choose their digital coin and the money is then changed to the digital currency of their choice. In addition, the Robot-friendly API, having processing feeds with low latency enables the user to make the most of their trading bot.

Top100exchange will also upgrade to the new generation in October. This version will be more responsive, fast and user-friendly. It will also support more coins and multi-coin pair on the platform with low server maintenance as well as a referral commission program. The user will be able to add ERC20 rapidly and trade using 3rd party tools on this upgraded platform.

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