Top Water Damage Restoration Experts Unveil COVID-19 DryMyHome Program For Ontario Residents

Leading Ontario disaster cleanup and restoration company, Al-Care DKI, recently launched its Dry My Home program to help struggling residents whose homes have suffered water damage but are unable to claim from their insurance.

Since April 2019, when Canada’s spring floods reached cataclysmic levels in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, insurance premiums to cover the losses due to water damage and flooding have been rising drastically amidst a pervasive COVID-19 financial crisis. Even for those residents who can afford increased premiums, standard homeowner’s policies don’t offer coverage for flood damage and losses. These policies also fail to cover insured water damage and losses from residents’ plumbing and appliances in several cases, rubbing salt in the ever-widening wound.

Al-Care DKI became distressed by the sheer volume of clients who experienced severe water damage but were left high and dry by so-called comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policies in a time when they needed them most. The management team at Al-Care DKI said that their mission is to do more than deal with the damage; they aim to restore homeowner’s sense of security and financial peace of mind through affordable, yet highly specialized restoration services. They explained that ensuring affordability has been difficult, as the lack of support from local insurance companies has resulted in many clients restoring their homes out-of-pocket.

Surprisingly, even though Dan Sandink, director of research at the Institute Of Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), stated that natural overland floods are Canada’s second most frequent natural disaster, residents can only enjoy adequate overland coverage if they live in a flood-prone zone and at an additional cost. For plumbing and appliance leakages, residents can only claim from insurance if it was sudden and accidental, was not due to negligence, could not be identified visually, and did not occur when the home was vacant for 24-48 hours. Outraged by such conditional and inadequate support during widespread financial insecurity, Al-Care DKI endeavors to mitigate the exorbitant water and flood damage costs for struggling Ontario homeowners through its comprehensive DryMyHome program.

According to Al-Care DKI’s management team, an essential element of any residential water damage restoration project is drying out the home’s interior and contents to prevent the remaining moisture and humidity from causing more costly damage, wet building materials from deteriorating, and mold infestations. For homeowners dealing with water or flood damage but cannot claim, DryMyHome offers a lifeline in the form of affordable and accessible resources, free damage inspections, professional advice, and cost-effective private drying and repair packages. With over 30 years of experience cleaning, drying, and restoring properties suffering from water damage, as well as being IICRC certified, Al-Care DKI is perfectly positioned to save Ontario residents from this sea of struggle through its affordable DryMyHome packages.

Affected residents will enjoy thoroughly trained water damage technicians who specialize in 24/7 rapid emergency restoration services, allowing them to be on-site the moment rescue people consider it safe. Standing water will be removed from the household to prepare it for drying using the latest extraction equipment. Industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers will be used to remove resulting moisture and humidity, preventing further damage and costs. Upon completion, state-of-the-art moisture detection devices will help technicians confirm that their job is done. Thanks to their quick thinking and compassionate culture, Al-Care DKI has restored more than homes; they have restored Ontario residents’ faith in humanity too.

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Specialist disaster restoration company, Al-Care DKI, has been leading the way in 24/7 emergency fire, water, wind, mould, and vandalism removal and restoration in Ontario for over 30 years. Their teams of highly trained technicians are certified by the Institute Of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration, ensuring their work is per industry standards and best practices. Al-Care DKI exclusively uses the latest equipment and techniques to remove affected materials and fully restore damaged properties’ safety and hygiene. Their services go beyond restoration, offering restorative construction, foundation repairs, contents and carpet cleaning, security board-ups, and beyond.

For those residents who want to make use of Al-Care DKI’s DryMyHome program or disaster restoration services, please contact their management team on 905-689-5298 or visit

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