Top Real Estate Agents of San Francisco Share Things Most Clients Overlook

Most people when they are looking to buy or sell a real estate property do extensive research into potential realtors. Most realtors selected seem to concentrate on three key areas: price, commission and marketing. They realize the longer a home or property sits on a market, the less the value and commission.

Danielle Lazier is recognized as one of the best San Francisco, CA, realtors. She has one more and considerably important element of a quality Realtor.

“The ability to negotiate on a price – many people do not realize the absolute value this has for the buyer and the seller. It is essential for a Realtor to be great at negotiating,” said Lazier.

Lazier’s real estate agency in San Francisco, California, deals in luxury properties. This means her customers are very particular when it comes to a purchase and have a solid idea of what they want. This means the most important part of negotiation is the relationship between the buyer, seller and realtor. It is a very careful balancing act.

“The trust the buyer and seller has with the realtor is a relationship that requires the trust and empathy on both sides. This way both sides can come out with the best possible deals on the price to make both sides pleased,” said Lazier.

Lazier sees herself as anything but a “traditional salesperson”. The professional of a real estate agency in San Francisco is known by many to be one of the best people to go to, when in need for the best Realtor in the area

Lazier’s record of helping move luxury real estate is well documented. Her website has listings and a blog full of tips to help buyers and sellers. Learn more at

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