Top Real Estate Agents In Santa Monica Outline The Best Buyers Agent Practices

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When buying a home one needs a real estate agent that is expert in several different areas. A top local Santa Monica realtor outlines the benefits of having a good buyers agent on your side and six things to look for when choosing to work with a buyers agent.

SANTA MONICA – A good buyers agent may not only help you find your dream home, but if they are a great agent they may be able to save you money through their powerful negotiation skills. An expert agent can also help with several other matters like connecting a buyer with the best lender or home loan, finding you a great home inspector, a good title company and recommending the best repair men. There are several possible pitfalls a buyer may also fall victim to which can be expensive. A top local Santa Monica real estate agent explains the advantages of having a good buyers agent and what to look for in finding the best buyers agent to work with. 

1. Exclusive Buyers Agent

So many buyers call upon one agent after the next when looking at homes to buy, and a lot of agents get burned out by the boatload of fly-by-night buyers they must deal with. However there is a great way to get the most out of your buyers agent so they will go the extra mile for you and not treat you like another waste of time. Sign an exclusive buyer agency agreement with them. On signing an exclusive agreement your buyers agent will then work hard for you knowing you have committed your business with them. Skipping lunch to show you homes wont be a problem for them now and you will find your agent will be on call 24/7 to get you the house of your dreams. Showing your agent you mean to get them paid means you will get much better service, and a happier, better experience all round for you.

2. Be a Friendly and Great Communicator

Buying a home can be really fun or it can be hectic. What makes it a much more pleasant experience is having a friendly expert who you can trust. When you know you can trust and rely on your agent, and you have a good open line of communication with them, then things will work much more smoothly. Feeling at ease with your agent to ask questions no matter how insignificant will make for a better productive experience for you and help you to find the house you didn’t even know you were looking for.

3. Expert in the Local Area

Your agent must know the local area and market intimately. Having an expert and experienced agent who knows the best areas to buy, the school districts, the best lenders, and what is a good price or not, is essential. A local expert will know immediately if a house is priced well or not, which also gives them an advantage when going into negotiations.

4. Be on Top of the Latest Listings

New homes for sale are listed continuously. Your agent must be continually sending you the latest listings matching your criteria as soon as they hit the market, so you don’t miss out on what could be your next dream home. Some agents are adept at doing this using technology, whereas others are clueless. Staying on top of things like this means you don’t miss that home of your dreams.

5. Get you a Great Home Inspector

Having a great home inspector on your side is a real advantage. Once a home goes into escrow you have a certain period to make inspections. A great home inspector will find all the problems with the house from broken tiles on the roof, to problems in the central air, to problems with the pool filter. Having these things located by a home inspector means you can then either renegotiate on the final price, or have the seller repair them before closing. Your buyers agent should be able to connect you with the best home inspector in town so you can get the most repairs done before entering your new home. 

6. Top Negotiator

Your buyers agent must be an expert in negotiating. To get the house you want at the best price, with the best terms, and the most repairs done for you, you need a master negotiator on your side. Someone with poor local knowledge and negotiating ability is not going to get you as good a deal as an expert. Even a 1% difference in the real estate game means you save $1000’s of dollars and so is very much worth it. However seeing an extra $20,000 difference happens frequently when there is an expert working for you. 

Key Take-Aways 

Your buyers agent needs to be:
* Exclusively working for you.
* Honest, experienced and have great excellent communication skills;
* Expert in the local area and local pricing;
* Know the best lenders, repairmen, and inspectors;
* Be a top negotiator.

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