Top Malaysian Outdoor Retailer opens new online site

Mediace, one of Malaysia’s top manufacturer and seller of outdoor products just opened their own website for customers. The website contains information about the company, it’s products, and marketing brochures clients can read.

The new website introduces to potential buyers an online resource for them to check out the many products they sell.

Mediace is widely known for as a direct supplier and seller of all types of outdoor umbrellas and canopies. Clients can choose from their products of different materials, design, and a variety of sizes.

A wide selection of products allows customers to find the right outdoor material for what they’re going to use it for. Whether it’s finding a permanent fixture in the backyard or a big canopy umbrella for an event, Mediace can supply it.

Clients can pre-order the umbrellas or canopies beforehand. It is customizable to their liking. Orders come with client-ordered sizes, materials, adding marketing logos, down to even incorporating client design. The company was able to push themselves to the top of the industry through their manufacturing capabilities.

Mediace has led the outdoor supplier industry and continues to expand their product line with the addition of outdoor tables, containers, and water dispensers. It allows the company to provide one-stop outdoor solutions for any client.

The outdoor tables are easy to store, space-saving, and lightweight for quick set-up and pack-up. Each come in three versions which are the banquet, compact, and folding tables. They are built to use for various outdoor functions.

Featured air-tight containers and water dispenser products are safe for storing food and water for outdoor activities and events. Various sizes and features make their product perfect for food display and storage for catering events or just for household use.

These products are manufactured with seamless plastic and the materials used are non-toxic for both users and the environment. All of which come with the standard accreditation and safety seal of SIRIM, a product standards organization in Malaysia.

The full range of products makes them a reliable manufacturer and supplier of outdoor products. Mediace can cater to all their customers needs with the added benefit of quality products, competent service providers and an informative website for clients to ask questions, send feedback, and even place orders.

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