Top Headphone and Earbuds Designer Announces Kickstarter Campaign for the Most Advanced TWS with Supreme Sound

Product comes with innovative features that promote supreme sound quality and high sensitivity

USA – Most wireless earphones today have the same problem. Batteries run down too fast, bulky and uncomfortable design, poor sound signal, and constant signal drop. Mezone is proud to announce its Kickstarter campaign for one of the most innovative and ambitious wireless earphone projects yet. Mezone earphones deliver incredible value that includes 80-hour battery life, latest Bluetooth, wireless charging, steady connection, motion control, etc. Mezone offers the most advanced earbuds with TWS (true wireless stereo) that produces supreme sound with high sensitivity and ultra-low distortion. Ergonomic design ensures a secure fit while the Nano coating makes it waterproof.

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“After looking into the wireless earphone industry we found out that most the products don’t offer users the best solutions. The inspiration to create this earphone comes from the necessity to offer customers a quality product that stands above the rest. Our new earphones is the most advanced device offering supreme sound with the integration of the latest technology. Every aspect of the earphone, features, and functionalities is a testament of our desire to ensure you enjoy supreme audio anywhere you go,” said Xiaobo Bai, a representative of Mezone Team.

Mezone is coming with the latest true wireless technology. Mezone allows each MEZONE to pair to any device individually, either one can be used separately and switch between the two without any delay or interruption. In comparison, other TWS earphones work in a master/slave mode in which one earphone acts as the master and the other earphone acts as the slave. The master receives and plays audio signal from your device and retransmits it to the slave.

This means users will always have to keep the master earphone powered up and paired to a device in order for the slave one to operate. In case the master earphone gets lost, damaged or out of power, the other one becomes a dud. This mode could also give rise to extra power consumption, connection dropouts in the slave earphone and bad synchronization between the two earphones. MEZONE avoids all these pitfalls, by allowing the user to enjoy the music just the way they want it!

Notable features that makes the earbud unique includes;

  • The latest TWS technology
  • 80-hour Battery
  • 8hr single charge play time
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • wireless charging case
  • Noise-cancellation
  • Motion control
  • Google+ siri asst.
  • Auto paring

The ergonomic design of the earphone ensures that it stays fit even during vigorous activities, like when jogging or running. It looks pretty on the outside, has stable fit, and comfortable to wear. Users can easily transit from two earphones to one without interruption, while the easy touch makes it easy to control the device for playing music, answer/end calls, etc. Now wireless phone lovers can enjoy more music and usage because of the powerful battery installed. It gives 80 hours of uninterrupted entertainment, so users can play music all day without stop.

About Mezone Team

Mezone is a designer and manufacturer of headphones and earbuds, in the market since 2003. Their engineers have worked with engineers in leading companies like Beats, Huawei, Philips, JBL, etc. For more information, please contact, or visit

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