Top five Brazilian entrepreneurs to watch out for

By: Jhovanna Giraldo

Orlando, FL – According to Pew Research Center Brazilians are migrating in mass to the United States with the Orlando, Florida area experiencing the largest wave of new Americans.  New business, personalities, products and services are sprouting every week. Some of the Brazilian biggest investors, movers and shakers are leading the way extending their success in Brazil to the Sunny shores of Florida and beyond.

As Brazilians continue to grow here the top five entrepreneurs to watch out for:

1.     Gabriel Silveira – TV Producer and multimedia businessman at O Globo TV. Silveira has published research that indicates that Brazilian immigrants to the US are becoming the leading audience of Brazilian shows. Streaming services and pay to view subscriptions of Brazilian based content has doubled and Silveira is now selling commercial time to American based brands and services.

2.     Hugo Lima – New Executive Director of Sunflower Ltd one of Brazil’s largest vitamin companies. Lima is diversifying products and reach into the American market by investing in inventory, machinery and manufacturing space. Sunflower Vitamins historically managed by the influential Mendes family has reached outside blood circles to hire Lima for their expansion project.

3.     Marcos Tolentino – Owner of media conglomerate Rede Brasil is also seeing the writing on the wall that is the influx of Brazilians living in the US but still having purchase power in Brazil. Tolentino has revealed a business plan that includes purchasing a radio station and television network in the US to run both Brazilian and American ads while providing television content produced in both countries.

4.     Dr. Alexandre Torelli – Sports medicine guru, Torelli is the epidemy of what it takes to have a “Brazilian body”. He has managed to combine his medical expertise, with brand prowess to become the doctor to whom top athletes and celebrities go to for everything from weight management, esthetic surgery, and physical therapy. Torelli has given various workshops to Orlando based Brazilian elites signaling a demand for his services in the United States.

5.     Renan Cesar Maria – From the real estate business in, the music equipment industry to the vitamin industry Renan is dominating various sectors at the same time. Maria is a born entrepreneur—his line of Gade vitamins are Amazon Choice products on the massive market. He is one of few Brazilian elites that has already managed to build successful businesses in the United States and Brazil. His rags to riches story can be an inspiration to any Brazilian immigrant hungry for success in the US.

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