Top Design Highlights of Airwheel H3 Automatic Folding Electric Wheelchair

Airwheel H3 electric-powered wheelchair has thoroughly broken the tradition of ordinary wheelchairs. It is powered by branded lithium-ion battery and is equipped with powerful wheel hub motor. It is controlled by users’ body and has an exclusive APP that can be installed in the phone. Besides, it has the function of one key to fold. All in all, it is an excellent wheelchair.

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Generally speaking, wheelchair is used for those people who can’t stand to walk freely. However, traditional wheelchairs have many shortcomings, such as ponderous body, stiff control, difficult storage or short service life and so on. In recent, Airwheel H3 electric wheelchair opens a brand-new chapter in wheelchair sector and it perfectly avoids those shortcomings. The next paragraphs will introduce top design highlights of H3.

Airwheel H3 lightweight folding electric wheelchair

Airwheel always pays attention to power of its products. In order to guarantee stable and strong power for Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair, there are two useful designs. High-end and advanced lithium-ion battery comes very first. Compared with ordinary batteries, the battery of H3 enjoys stable performance and thus longer useful life. Strong wheel hub motor is also a great achievement and it provides continuous and steady power output. Above two designs make H3 have strong power, which paves the way for high-efficiency travel for those sedentary people. Strong power has another advantage, which is excellent climbing capacity. It can take people to run on slopes very easily.

Airwheel H3 lightweight folding electric wheelchair

H3 can be a man-power wheelchairs, and an electric wheelchair. Users can realize such operations as speeding up, slowing down and steering by the handlebar controller which is super easy to ride. That is really a magic in wheelchair world.

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How could people handle Airwheel H3 lightweight folding electric wheelchair when they go to bed? Just fold it and put it in a wall corner. H3 has the design of one key to fold automatically. In other words, what people need do is to click the folding button and it can fold by itself. The folded figure is small enough to put in any small spaces. The equipped APP is another great design. Such an APP can be installed in users’ phone. Then, they can read some real-time data, like speed, mileage and battery, via the phone, or set some settings.

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