Top Business Executive, Actor, Director, and Social Media Influencer Elijah McNear trends on social media with 2 viral videos.

Top Business Executive, Actor, Director, and Social Media Influencer Elijah McNear trends on social media with 2 viral videos.
Elijah McNear Top Business Executive, Actor, Social Media Influencer
Elijah McNear goes viral on Instagram with 2 videos that reach millions of views.

Elijah McNear is the CEO of top fashion brand VYBRATIONAL KREATORS® and McNear Agency Services. Elijah is responsible for managing the company’s overall operations. Mr. McNear delegates and directs agendas, drives profitability, manages the company organizational structure, strategy, and communicates effectively with the VK and M.A.S team. Mr. McNear designs and implements business operations, establish policies that promote company culture and vision, and oversee operations of the company and the work of executives.

In the life of Elijah McNear, it doesn’t seem to always be work, work, work. The Top Business Executive seems to enjoy and have fun creating comedy videos for the enjoyment for the world on his TIKTOK and Instagram pages @THEYKALLMEELI. The young Actor has a variety of videos on his TikTok page that he posts. The young business executive owns and runs 3 top major companies and still manages time to make funny videos on social media. When does he have time to make these videos or to post with such a busy schedule you might ask? When asked for a question Mr. McNear States, I really don’t have time! My time is very busy especially with having to manage 3 companies and other daily task. I try to schedule in my calendar 20-30 min of my free time when i can to make a video. I’m all about having fun and enjoying the time we have now here on earth. If I can make just one person smile or laugh, then I have done my job. I am just grateful that people like and enjoy my content. It’s just knowing how to manage your time and doing things one at a time. Said Elijah McNear.

Elijah McNear posted a video on his Instagram page @theykallmeeli on July 3, 2023, and within 24 hours the video reached over 100,000 views. Now the video has over 1,743,890 views and is still growing. The video states “Me leaving work on a Friday like…” with Elijah McNear reenacting the sitcom the 70’s show. Where Kitty Forman (Played by Actress Debra Jo Rupp) leaves the dinner table saying, “well this was fun, I’m going to go to bed for a few days”. Elijah McNear put his on twist on the video and the video is growing every day. 

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Elijah McNear posted another video on his Instagram Page @theykallmeeli on July 5th, 2023, and within 48 hours the video reached over 150,000 views. Today the video has over 1,727,677 views and climbing. The video starts of Elijah McNear wearing a violet Under Armor shirt lip singing to the Late Whitney Houston Song I will always love you. The video states When the GPS has the wrong timing! This video has over a million views on Instagram and 15.5k views with over 1400 likes on TIKTOK.

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If you want to check out more funny videos of Elijah McNear videos you can follow him on Instagram or TIKTOK @theykallmeeli. Elijah McNear Has over 48,500 followers on Instagram and 10,400 followers on TikTok. 

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