Top 10 Best Apps for College Students

“One of the hottest new apps is UBMe, which helps college students get to know hot spots in their local area, and connect with people nearby!”
Social Horizon is releasing its list of the top 10 best apps for college students. These apps solve problems like staying organized, expensive textbooks, and getting acclimated to college life and the local area!

Bethlehem, PA – December 1st, 2017 – College can be a stressful time, but it is also a time to meet new people and learn valuable life skills. It is not always easy to stay focused and organized, but it can be just as challenging to meet new people and make new friends.  Luckily, there are some great apps out there to help you balance your workload while also setting you up for success both professionally and socially! Social Horizon presents its list of the top ten apps for college students.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is great because it is easily accessible from any location. It pulls together other great Google tools such as Slides and Docs, for creating shared presentations and word documents. In an increasingly online world, Google Drive eliminates the need to coordinate unnecessary group meetings to get work done. In addition, multiple people can edit files on Google Drive at the same time, with the added functionality of a group chat with the people who are viewing the file. 

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not much of a social app, but it is an important tool for finding jobs within a given field of studies. LinkedIn allows users to create a professional profile so that employers and college students seeking work can connect. In addition, it gives users the opportunity to find people with similar interests, including fellow students at the same university. 

  1. UBMe

UBMe is a relatively new app that makes it easy to see who is at the local “spots” in town. With UBMe, users can go to a local place of business such as a pizza shop, and check-in there to view deals and even join a live chat. This allows students to save money, learn more about their local area, and meet people with the same tastes or interests.

  1. SelfControl

SelfControl is a Mac-only app that helps users monitor their recreational web-browsing. The app allows users to block their access to websites that cause them to get off task.  This is especially useful for people who tend to procrastinate, and know they get distracted easily. 

  1. Chegg

It is common for college bookstores to charge hundreds of dollars for books, and then severely underpay for them upon return. Renting on Chegg makes it easier to avoid overpaying for textbooks. Chegg allows users to return their books in the same box that they received them in once the rental period is over. Chegg has fairly low prices, and they make it easy for students to find and sign up for thousands of scholarships.

  1. CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes is a great app for students who need a bit of extra information on topics from a reliable source. CliffsNotes features material written by teachers and professors that makes the college grind easier. CliffsNotes is also not free; each literature note pack is $1.99, and the app is only offered to Apple users.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a convenient app that makes file sharing and storage simple and easy.  In today’s world filled with tech-savvy hackers, Dropbox is great because it provides you top-of-the-line security and peace of mind.  It also offers many types of packages (at a cost), and you can also choose to be billed monthly or annually, which is nice if you wish to only plan to keep Dropbox for the semester.

  1. Clear

Clear is a great tool for staying organized and making sure that tasks get accomplished.  Clear lets users set reminders, create lists, and set a date and time for alerts and notifications of tasks. While it is not free, it can come in handy for college students who are having a hard time keeping track of their assignments.

  1. TED

TED, otherwise known as TEDTalks, offers intelligent ideas from talented speakers on topics ranging anywhere from communication, to genetics, and sculpture. TEDTalks are commonly shown throughout some college courses to break up the monotony of typical lectures. The TED app gives college students their own avenue to hear about important topics from professional speakers at their own pace, letting them take control of their education.

  1. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

It can be hard to get work done at home, so some college students decide to do their homework in the library. A common problem students face with this is their calculator dying, or forgetting to bring it altogether. RealCalc Scientific Calculator provides the full functionality of the average scientific calculator, with the convenience of being right on your smartphone. RealCalc Scientific Calculator offers many advanced functions that the standard phone calculator doesn’t.

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