Tony V Lewis’ New Children’s Book “Dandelion Horn,” is a Symphony of Creativity and Discovery for Children

Tony V Lewis’ New Children’s Book "Dandelion Horn," is a Symphony of Creativity and Discovery for Children
Dandelion Horn is a captivating and interesting children’s book that follows the story of Sophia and her amazing dandelion discovery

Tony V Lewis, a renowned children’s book author is pleased to announce he has completed work on his new book, “Dandelion Horn,” a charming children’s story that invites young minds into a world of unnatural discovery. The book adds to the fact that Tony V Lewis is a statement-maker when it comes to children’s books and Dandelion Horn is one unique page-turner.

Dandelion Lion by Tony V Lewis follows the story of Sophia. While walking home from school one day, Sophia and her Mother stumbled upon a grassy field full of white fluffy dandelions. Sophia’s Mother tells her that dandelions are called wish flowers. They each pick one and take it home. Sophia finds that there is something else special about the dandelion. After blowing the puff and making a wish, she blows into the dandelion stem and discovers that it makes a sound like a horn. Sophia decides that she will call it a dandelion horn. What will Sophia do with her new horn?

As the story unfolds, children will find each page interesting, keeping them engaged until the end. The book’s illustrator, Aneeza Ashraf went the extra mile to ensure that the vibrant and enchanting world of ‘Dandelion Horn’ came to life with captivating visuals that resonate with the essence of the story.

Aneeza Ashraf’s meticulous attention to detail and her ability to translate the author’s words into mesmerizing illustrations bring depth to the characters, landscapes, and magical moments, creating an immersive experience for young readers. Every brushstroke and color choice was thoughtfully crafted, fostering a seamless connection between the narrative and the visual journey, allowing children to explore the story’s universe with every turn of the page.

The duo of Tony and Aneeza have gone over and beyond to ensure “Dandelion Horn” is nothing but the perfect children’s book. To get the book, please visit or log on to

About Tony V Lewis

Tony loves writing children’s books! Tony has always loved telling stories, even from a young age. He often made up stories for his friends, and they eagerly listened to every word. As Tony got older, his love for storytelling only grew stronger. Tony writes books that captivate children’s imaginations and inspire them to read and explore new worlds.

Tony’s books are filled with lovable characters and thrilling adventures that take readers on incredible journeys. With each book, children learn valuable lessons in friendship, honesty, sharing, gratitude, and respect. When Tony is not writing, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Tony hopes his books will inspire children to follow their dreams and believe in themselves, just like he did.

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