Tony Sartin Hytrol Customer Care Manager Explains Value of Customer-Focused Team

Tony Sartin, Hytrol Customer Care Manager, recently explained how to create customer loyalty. In the past, companies have tried to do it by cutting prices and creative gimmicks, but what almost every industry has learned is that it is done by building a relationship with a customer on a great experience with the company. 

“It’s not enough to do this by only having a Customer Care department; a great customer experience is built from the ground up. And, it’s done by focusing on both soft and hard skillsets. You want your employees to be able to answer questions about specific products, but it’s important to remember that it’s easier to teach someone information than it is to teach them how to have a great attitude,” noted Sartin.

Sartin added, “At Hytrol, each team is more than just the sum of its members. We take that team to a higher level, which we call family. By sharing each other’s expertise, building relationships internally & externally and building a customer-centric culture, we allow team members to grow and learn from one another.”

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Hytrol ( designs and manufactures advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions for customers with processing, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution needs. For almost 70 years, Hytrol has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to understanding the unique material handling needs of businesses. Hytrol is focused on creating innovative, customized conveyor solutions that help companies achieve their goals. For the first time in Hytrol’s history, they have over 1000 employees.

Hytrol’s Technology Center is the birthplace for many industry-changing innovations, such as EZLogic® zero-pressure accumulation and E24™, an energy efficient, 24-volt solution and an extensive line of advanced sortation offerings, ProSort 400 Elite series high speed shoe sorter, as well as the ProSort MRT series narrow belt sorter.

Hytrol is experiencing consistent growth; 2016 will be the company’s best year ever and significant plant expansion continues. Hytrol is strengthened by its Integration Partner Network with 100+ locations worldwide. Hytrol is a proud member of RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) MHI, CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association), along with IABSC (International Association of Baggage System). Follow Hytrol on Twitter @hytrol.

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