Tombo Tells The Story of African Music and Culture in Their Shoe Launch on Kickstarter

Innovative shoe brand, Tombo, announces the launch of their new collection inspired by African music and culture to inspire self-belief

Tombo is looking to disrupt the fashion industry with the launch of a first-of-its-kind storytelling shoe collection. The shoe company is infusing storytelling into every piece, leveraging fashion, music, and art as an angle to stand out, with the hope of inspiring self-belief, pride, and ownership. Tombo has launched their new collection on Kickstarter, with the move already yielding results, as accolades keep coming from different quarters.

The global footwear industry has grown over the years to become a multi-billion dollar market, with more than 59,000 businesses in operation. According to a recent report published by IBISWorld in September 2020, the market is worth more than $188 billion, with experts suggesting that the figures will continue to increase as demand rises from customers. While there has been an influx of shoe brands in the market, no company has been able to creatively tell the story of a group of people with fashion. However, Tombo is looking to change this narrative with the launch of their new shoe collection.

Tombo can be rightly described as a storytelling company using fashion to narrate compelling stories, with a focus on African culture and music. Tagged Bold Shoes for Bold Personalities, the shoes in the collection are characterized in classic African abstract style and paired with a fresh beat that makes people dance. The collection is particularly unique as Tombo uses a shoe model that includes a matching song to drive home the goal of the brand and help consumers feel more attached to their kicks and culture. Consequently, customers can expect new music for every shoe release. The song for Weekend Waka was created by Young D and Tribe Mark ft. Eno Barony, who recently won ‘Best Female African Rapper’ at the AFRIMMA awards.

Edem Jimbo, the founder of Tombo, has adopted a collaborative approach, bringing together talented acts and stakeholders in the fashion and music industry to create a unique brand. The Kenyan born founder worked with the likes of Young D, a Nigerian multi-hit producer, Eno Barony, award-winning rapper from Ghana, and Tribe Mark, a New Jersey-based rapper. There was also a soft launch of the shoe line during the AFRIMMA awards on November 15, with the Weekend Waka song premiering as part of the show that was streamed virtually worldwide.

‘Weekend Waka’ is one of the shoes from the collection. The shoe is inspired by the tale of an African girl with huge hopes and aspirations to become a professional dancer against her parents wishes. Her journey of a thousand miles begins when she convinces her parents to leave their fears and preconceptions behind and join her to form a dance group as a family.

Weekend Waka, is constructed with a durable neoprene and cotton upper, allowing for greater breathability with the perfect rubber grip outsole and arch support to ensure responsive foot control.

There is also the mold-breaking Ziggz shoe designed for the adventurous risk-takers who do not fit into a box and love to express themselves and shatter stereotypes. Constructed with smooth, full-grain leather and a flexible Italian-made rubber outsole, Ziggz allows for self-expression with the elegance of a stylish shoe with classic, bold colors for bold personalities.

Tombo aims to inspire people to rise above challenges and live their dreams.

For more information about Tombo and to be a part of the storytelling revolution, please visit Kickstarter and The company can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

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