Showcasing the talent, precision and perfection of ballet and a ballerina’s dream to make it to the stage of Russia’s world famous Bolshoi theatre. Watch ‘THE BOLSHOI’ today:

Los Angeles, CA – May 16, 2018 – THE BOLSHOI “churns on past where any European or American movie would go and on to the next chapter in their lives as professional Bolshoi Theater ballerinas.” – Russian Life, Bob Blaisdell.

Directed by Valery Todorovsky (‘Hipsters’, ‘The Thaw’), ‘THE BOLSHOI’ is a coming-of-age story about the rise of a Yulia (Polish National Ballet coryphée, Margarita Simonova), a young, provincial, and talented ballerina fulfilling her lifelong dream of performing on the competitive stage of Russia’s renowned Bolshoi Theatre.

‘THE BOLSHOI’ follows Yulia as she strives to achieve her dream of dancing ballet on the Bolshoi Theatre’s stage. On her journey, she faces daily struggles while making complex choices, attempting to balance the life of a dedicated ballerina with the life of a normal, everyday girl.  Will she choose to follow through with her dream – a life completely dedicated to ballet? Or one of real-life without her passion yet what she holds most dear – her family, friendships, and a first love?

Filmed at the Bolshoi Theatre, the experience of ‘THE BOLSHOI’ becomes captivating and real due to the film’s cast of professional dancers, “What the budding Bolshoi ballet stars want are the roles and the resulting status. When Yulia’s teenaged drama is resolved, the movie churns on past where any European or American movie would go and on to the next chapter in their lives as professional Bolshoi Theater ballerinas,” wrote Russian Life’s Blaisdell.

“I very quickly realized,” Todorovsky told The Moscow Times, “that traditional drama actors won’t be able to play these roles. However thin, slim and flexible they were, they wouldn’t be able to have an argument while raising their legs [up to their ears]. It’s just impossible,” quoted Blaisdell. He added, “Director Valery Todorovsky aims our attention at the relentless practicing and preparations. We can’t help appreciating the corps of young dancers that the hell-bent instructors are whipping into harnessing their remarkably agile and powerful bodies.”

During April, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ prestigiously competed at the 32nd Annual Washington, DC International Film Festival, ‘Filmfest DC’, in the category of “Global Rhythms”, music series that continue to be festival staples, against three other fantastic international films.

Watch ‘THE BOLSHOI’ today:

‘THE BOLSHOI’, in the end, “all ties together – and it’s beautiful to look at. Sergey Mikhalchuk’s cinematography is luscious – as gorgeous as that in the renown Andrey Zvyagintsev’s movies, but Todorovsky is never solemn or shocking,” shined Blaisdell. “Todorovsky means to enchant and amuse us, and most of the time he succeeds.”

With financial support from Cinema Fund and Television Channel RUSSIA One, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ has a charming screenplay, captured by Anastasia Palchikova, based on the motives of the adapted synopsis by Ilya Tilkin and Valery Todorovsky. ‘THE BOLSHOI’ stars real-life dancers, including Ekaterinberg Ballet principal, Andrei Sorokin, and former Paris Opéra Ballet étoile, Nicholas LeRiche. In addition stars Anna Isaeva (Swan Lake, Arabian Nights), Alisa Freyndlikh, Aleksandr Domogarov (musical: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), and Valentina Telishkina.

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THE BOLSHOI (2017, 132 min.) Directed by Valery Todorovsky. Editor: Aleksey Bobrov. Cinematography: Sergey Mikhalchuk. Original Music: Anna Drubich and Pavel Karmanov. US, English. Valery Todorovsky Production Company and Marmot Film Studio, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Valery Todorovsky Production Company and Marmot Film Studio

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