Today’s Most Wanted Yearbook Design Software FlipHTML5 Has These 5 Qualities

FlipHTML5, a yearbook design software has all the features that people need today.

One way that people in their adulthood could get that nostalgic feeling of being young again is whenever they see memories of their lives as students. Yearbook, for one, is definitely an effective medium to remember those years when they have lesser worries, filled with idealism and ambitions, unexhausted to dream big while being passionate about achieving them. Thus, it is vital to be able to produce yearbooks that contain more than just the students’ basic information.

Given the fact that there are various considerations on what and how information should be placed within this so-called “time capsule” material, creating an accessible, attractive and effective yearbook is such a big challenge. On the brighter side, today’s artificial intelligence has been offering huge help to school publications through any available yearbook design software out there such as FlipHTML5. 

Here, be guided with the 5 F’s to go over when searching for the most sought-after yearbook design software.

1. Finances

Working within the budget is a priority, so carefully make a cost-benefit analysis in every option for the yearbook design software that you will come across while searching for the best one.

2. Features

A good yearbook should be able to project the student-life in the most basic manner. The designs available in the software should come in plenty of choices but not to be too overpowering so that the important information in a yearbook remains as the highlight. It would also help best if such software is capable of managing videos and loads of photos. FlipHTML5 has the forte in this aspect.

3. Functionality

A good choice of yearbook design software must be convenient to navigate and makes use of easy to understand terminologies. Moreover, the quality of the final output should be viewable from time to time prior publishing and is accessible through various devices.

4. Fast Result

For the millennial generation, time is more than just gold. This is why yearbook design software must also be efficient to use where a complete set of data can be consolidated in just minutes.

5. Friendly Customer Assistance

Should troubleshooting beyond the users’ knowledge will arise, customer support is the next best option to take. Learn about how responsive their customer assistants are before finally deciding on availing the software.


Knowing these factors to consider, the yearbook editors will be able to thoughtfully make a decision on what yearbook design software to avail that would best fit their target readers’ taste. As Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, has deliberately figured out the lasting essence of yearbooks, FlipHTML5 turned out to be the ideal software for such publishing need. Here, FlipHTML5 also shares high school yearbook ideas with readers.

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