To Specify the Selling-Points of Airwheel A6 Self-Balancing Folding Electric Wheelchair

Modern city has been established formally, after the industrial revolution triggered 300 years ago in England. In the transport sector, many creative vehicles were born and today, the editor will specify the selling-point of Airwheel A6 balance wheelchair that is hailed as the one model that wraps all advanced technology and design in the sector into it.

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For the loyal fans of Airwheel self-balancing scooter, they are familiar with the performance, speed, maintenance and repair better than the common players. Now, new products are added to Airwheel, like R6, H3 and A6. Here is to specify the selling points of A6 handle controlled electric wheelchair.

A6 handle controlled electric wheelchair

In order to match customers’ unique taste of colour, energetic orange is chosen as the new decorate colour. Certainly, the classic white is also very popular. White mixed with orange can be pleasing and in fashion trend. All these design can make Airwheel A6 outstanding in appearance. Overall, the appearance of Airwheel A6 balance wheelchair is concise but not simple and the twin-wheeled design is much more avant-garde.

Airwheel made an historic achievement—it created the sit-on mode of ride in Airwheel A3. Since Airwheel equipped A6 with a wider and more comfortable saddle than A3, the situation turns around. The saddle amounted on A6 offers an ultra-comfortable ride. This will be another selling-point. Many self-balancing scooters belong to the stand-on mode of ride. When the ride covers a long distance, he will feel the fatigue because of standing too long.

Airwheel A6 balance wheelchair

A6 lightweight balance wheelchair has the ability to connect to App. These days, the young men prefers to listen music via App on their mobile phones, order meals on the mobile phone and even hail a taxi through the App on their mobile phone. They even can live merely with their mobile phone. This is an era of the mobile phone.

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The trend is almost inevitable. Airwheel also flows with the trend. It introduces the function of connecting Airwheel A6 to the mobile phone via App downloaded online. Also, the automatic folding function is a worthy selling-point. One can fold or unfold it in no time. By virtue of its great portability and eco-friendliness, A6 is regarded as the best modern model for transport.

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