TKeycoin; A decentralized platform that makes cryptocurrency transaction easier, safer, and more affordable

The Tkeycoin technology allows everyone to earn and manage their money without any restrictions, intermediaries, control, and sanctions.

Oct 25, 2018 – Tkeycoin proudly announces its decentralized platform that facilitates easy trading with the digital currency.  For the past few years, the digital currency and the blockchain technologies have been very prosperous. They have rid people of their struggles with banks and other financial institutions. Despite all these benefits and success stories, there have also been disadvantages, flaws, and minimal struggles while trading with the digital currency. As a result of this, there is high demand for a perfect solution to address the difficulties facing by cryptocurrency users during transactions, which necessitate the introduction of TKeycoin to address all the problems.

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Tkeycoin is a global payment system that is based on the brand new blockchain core. The network is fully decentralized, and no government or organization has it under control. Thanks to the new protocol and open source code, Tkeycoin solutions can be used by millions of developers in various fields such as banking, trading and many other fields.

TKeycoin is introduced to make blockchain more productive and reliable by eliminating all the weak spots and flaws in the system. The platform wants to make financial transactions easier, safer, faster, and more affordable. The extraction and use of TKeycoin do not require special computer literacy and expensive equipment. Any owner of a home computer or office laptop can create its own bank on the Tkeycoin platform, becoming both a client and a manager.

TKeycoin has been built in such a way that it can handle an incredible 500,000 transactions per second, and the platform is also suitable for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS & Web users. Furthermore, TKeycoin has received widespread adoration since its launch, a satisfied user ‘Seryvolk’ was very happy when he said, “With such opportunities to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment without any restrictions, I believe the platform is simply doomed to success. Therefore, I think Tkeycoin with such an idea will be able to take a place in the world market, I believe in it and will definitely follow the further development of the platform.”

However, on the Tkeycoin platform, mining is available for everyone irrespective of their country. The platform is simple and easier to use because all you need to start is a working Internet connection. You can either use special equipment or just a normal home PC.

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