TireSizeHelp Launches Online Tire Size Calculator

In exciting news, TireSizeHelp just unveiled an online platform dedicated to tire size calculation. The aim of the website is to assist people looking for accurate tire size measurements and provide them with brand-specific charts, which will help them determine the correct tire size for their vehicle from an extensive list database of 3000 vehicle models. The TireSizeHelp vehicle database has tire sizes of vehicle makes and models from around the world.

The people behind are fellow car owner who know the challenges of correctly measuring the size of their car’s tire and trying to find the correct sizes online. Their struggle and fruitless search encouraged them to develop a comprehensive website that provides car tire sizes and other detailed parameters in a quick and convenient way, “Our website makes it easy for our users to find a wide variety of useful info on different tires and wheels, including detailed parameters such as size, specifications, max speed and many more. We have built a database of these parameters for almost 3000 vehicle models and it is easy to access all this information by using a selector menu.” – Spokesperson for TireSizeHelp

A specially designed car tire size search tool on the TireSizeHelp is easy to use and provides accurate information in moments. Available on the top of the page, user simply have to select their car make, model, year and trim from the drop down menu to get the detailed parameters of their desired car.

Knowing the correct tire size is one of the most important pieces of information for any car owner. Making the mistake of placing an incorrect sized tire on a car can have a big impact on the performance of the vehicle. This can also lead to road accidents or on-road mistakes. Ultimately, the wrong sized car tires in your car can put life at risk. The correct size is also noted one the side of a car’s original tires, written as a series of letters and numbers.

The correct size of any car’s tires is available in the car’s manual, however, for those people who do not have the car manual available or handy, TireSizeHelp website is the perfect solution.

The spokesperson added further, “Our goal for the future is to supplement the information already available on the website with more useful and practical information for our valuable users.”


TireSizeHelp is a recently launched online portal dedicated to providing accurate car tire sizes, specifications, max speed and many more. TireSizeHelp has a database of parameters for almost 3000 vehicle models.

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