Tips on Choosing Prom Dress for Different Body Types

When shopping for ‘the one’ prom dress, use this body type guide to help show off only your best features.

For the next serveral weeks your social life is about to revolve around one activity: prom. And surely every grl needs a great dress to mark the occasion. You can get help in this body type guide to help show off only your best features, and find your perfect prom dress you feel wildly confident in on


When you have narrow hips and a larger bust, it can obscure your waist a bit. That’s why top-heavy girls look so great in fuller skirts that balance your frame. When dress shopping, it would be better to look for high neck prom dresses long and A-line skirts that can help add dimension around the hips.

What to avoid: super short dresses and strapless gowns that can amplify your bust.


The inverse of the above is a pear shaped frame. Your hips tend to be the main feature, protruding out more than your waist and bust. You can equalize your look by accentuating your bust and shoulders. Try to put on crystal necklines or illusion dresses that are great for drawing attention upward.

What to avoid: ball gown skirts that can make your bottom half appear wider.


Strapless, empire waist and solid colors are the order of the day when you’re apple figured. To disguise an undefined midsection, find a prom dress with an empire waist or patterned top half. Long prom dresses cheap and A-line silhouettes will help de-emphasize your middle. Don’t be afraid to show off your stems either!

What to avoid: anything belted or too fitted.


Options are plentiful when finding the perfect plus size prom dresses with sleeves. The trick is to pick which feature you want to highlight. Flowing gowns are universally flattering, while cap sleeves do a great job of making the arms appear more slender. Don’t avoid shorter dresses either, especially if you love your legs! Show off your bold confidence any way you can.

What to avoid: dresses that lack fit. Too much fabric will end up looking bulky and unflattering.


This frame has few limitations, as a number of cuts work great with your natural curves. Some basic guidelines are to choose something fitted at the top and through the waist. You can really showcase your shape with a mermaid cut gown.

What to avoid: pass on empire dresses that can hide your natural curves.

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