Tips for Keeping Water Features Clean and Active By Midwest Tropical

Midwest Tropical is in the business for more than four decades and has a global footprint. Their products are manufactured in the United States, but they provide services in countries worldwide. They offer fully customized designs and installation services that will bring one water feature idea to life.

Midwest has created stunning water features that breathe life into any given space. Whether one need a water wall, waterfall or bubble wall art, Midwest Tropical can do it for them. And that’s not all; they can also deliver custom designs; all one have to do is fill them in with their requirements and watch the magic happen.

Being a leader of their industry, Midwest Tropical offers the best advice on keeping the water features clean and active.

Clearing out the pump

If one is noticing that their interior waterfall wall isn’t working as it used to, then it’s nothing to worry about. The most common issue is with the pump, which rotates water in the interior wall waterfall. There could be a build-up of dirt, algae, debris that is blocking water from flowing through the main pump.

One can use vinegar to break such build-ups that collect over time. If one have hard water flowing through their indoor waterfall wall, then one might need more frequent cleaning – around every two weeks. If one has soft water flowing through one waterfall on wall, then one pump could run for a month or two without having to clear it out.

Cleaning supplies

There are a ton of cleaning supplies that are made for wall waterfalls and interior wall waterfalls but not every supply is safe to use. Some of the cleaning agents are too harsh and can damage the delicate surface of your wall waterfall. Therefore, be careful while choosing different cleaning agents; only go for less concentrated cleaning agents that are delicate on one inside waterfall.

Use cleaning liquid

There comes a time when every indoor wall waterfall is clogged with dirt and other build-ups. This is where cleaning liquids come in. All one has to do is drop a few drops of the liquid in the pool of water which rotates in the indoor wall waterfall; then it should clean out the pump along with the tiny holes where the water freely flows.

By keeping your pump clean and adding cleaning liquid every week or two, your waterfall wall or custom waterfall features will always stay fresh and clean. If one needs further help in cleaning one water features, then feel free to contact Midwest Tropical as they can help one with almost every matter that involves water features.

If one has a water feature idea in the mind that they want to see in physical shape, then contact Midwest Tropical. They have a skilled team of designers and craftsmen who specialize in building unique water features only with the best materials that will require minimum maintenance:

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