Pay for services anywhere in the world with the latest cryptocurrency set to take over major digital currencies globally

Cryptocurrency as is recently taking over the regular use of hard currencies across the globe. It’s no longer news the influence which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest have created in the financial industry. A cryptocurrency also called crypto currency, or digital currency is a digital asset which was designed to work as a major medium of exchange which includes the use of cryptography to secure certain transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency inherently. Cryptocurrencies operate independently of any central bank.

Bitcoin, currently the world’s largest cryptocurrency became the very first decentralized cryptocurrency as of early 2009. Ever since lots of cryptocurrencies have entered the market. Recently, a valid yet important crypto currency has been introduced into the world of cryptocurrencies – TIPCOIN.

TIPCoin was introduced into the market four months ago by Mr. Abdullah Sheikh, and to the surprise of the creator, it gained a lot of positive response as well as over 1 million users across the globe. Surprisingly, these users were not specific to any particular country. Instead, the traction was garnered from different continents throughout the world.

Just like every other crypto currency out there, TIPCoin can be used to make any bill payment on the internet ranging from payment for travel tickets, groceries, clothes, recharging of airtime, and so much more. The CEO of TIPCoin Mr. Abdullah Sheikh & his wife Sahiba are both Philippines based. Mr. Abdullah’s father had passed away recently, and since then, the responsibility of the company rests on the shoulders of him and his young wife, Sahiba. With the company’s server established in over ten countries, Abdullah and Sahiba with their team of experts have been able also to set up active IT companies which are currently maintaining this project in 6 countries globally.

Recently. TIPCoin made a Big Deal with Alibaba. Now, all products of Alibaba will be available the e-commerce portal with TIPCoin payment. Individuals can buy billions of products from this single platform with TIPCoin payment. TIPCoin is a safe and secure payment. Anytime and anywhere, customers can shop for any product with TIPCoin. Get amazing products at an amazing price. So, enjoy shopping and earning with TIPCoin.

Mr. Abdullah spent three solid years with his team of experts and over 400 employees, which birthed the rise of this special type of digital currency – TIPCoin. Series of discussions have been held with the CEO of TIPCoin Mr. Abdullah with cryptocurrency experts, and several analyses have been made. These experts have come up with a speculation that in time to come, not very far from now, TIPCoin would take over major digital currencies existing currently.

A board meeting was held recently with TIPCoin CEO, and over 150 different countries had signed an agreement legalizing the use of TIPCoin for as an accepted form of legal tender in making several forms of payment, both online and offline. Mr. Abdullah has informed the general public that TIPCoin is safe to be made use of. Based on several studies, cryptocurrency is secure and encrypted. It is also a reusable currency which cannot be lost, and it is gradually expanding day by day.

Users/investors can visit https://www.tip-coin.com/ to signup now and join the rest of the public to get this new yet promising cryptocurrency – TIPCoin.

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