Timothy Hines awaited movie BUG WARS skitters to Amazon Prime in January!

“Timothy Hines’ BUG WARS, starring Darlene Sellers, Corrie Dibble, lands on Amazon Prime in January.”
Timothy Hines’ early Sci-fi action movie ‘Bug Wars’ infests Amazon Prime in January! The movie is about two women astronauts who awaken from a cryogenic freezing experiment gone wrong after 120 years. The women soon discover they are the last two survivors of the human race after a quantum war took the Earth’s populace and the planet is being colonized by a race of alien insects. The two women find they have no choice but to defend what is left of their planet.

Timothy Hines’ early experimental Sci-fi action movie “Bug Wars” comes to Amazon Prime in January! “BUG WARS” was an idea,” says director Timothy Hines, “It was the 90s and desktop technology was finally catching up in its ability to render quality effects. I wanted to see if we could produce a movie that would be entirely posted on a desktop Apple computer. Today, well, it is a no brainer that it can be done. But back then, the render times were 1000s of hours longer than today. So when we made BUG WARS there were no road maps.”

BUG WARS, starring Darlene Sellers and Corrie Dibble and produced by Lora Oliver, is the story of two women who emerge after a 150 years from a cryogenic freezing experiment to find the world devoid of human life and aliens colonizing the planet.

“I decided early on that the movie should be fun, entertaining. I designed the picture to play like a suped-up Roger Corman movie. Not tongue in cheek, but with an eye toward humor. In the way Guardians of The Galaxy played years later. When the picture was finished, it tested very well and I made the wrong choice of licensing the film to a small newcomer distributor who almost immediately folded. So many things were going on in my life at the time, my father was dying, that I let the picture remain shelved. But recently I stumbled upon some clips and said, ‘this movie should be out there. The world will really have fun with this,’ so I remounted the film. We added and cleaned up some FX, adjusted the editing and running time and and now it is coming finally.”

Timothy Hines previous movies are: “10 Days in a Madhouse,” Starring Caroline Barry(‘Words & Actions),Christopher Lambert(‘Highlander, ‘Mortal Kombat), Julia Chantrey(‘Mama),Alexandra Callas(‘A Good Day to Die Hard), and Kelly Le Brock(‘Weird Science, ‘Hard to Kill) and the critically acclaimed Oscar contender, “War of the Worlds The True Story” are both available on Amazon Prime.

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