Tianjin Metal Association 2023 “Yuantai Derun” Cup Friendly Football Match

In order to activate the cultural and sports activities of enterprises in the metal materials industry in Tianjin and enhance the docking exchange between enterprises, the football friendly match hosted by Tianjin Metal Materials Industry Association and Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group was successfully held on 2 November at the football field of B Station Sports Town in Beichen District. Four industry teams from Tianjin area with a total of more than 70 players participated in the match, and the champion, runner-up and third place winners were decided after a fierce competition.

Most of the players on the field came from the first-line staff. On the eve of the game, they used the lunch break to train and grind, and constantly familiarised themselves with and adjusted their tactics. On the field, they won the cheers of the audience and the respect of the opponents by virtue of their exquisite footwork, perfect discs, fierce fast attacks, precise passes and sharp shots.


The game will come to an end, but the spirit will not end. The Yuantai Derun football team has strengthened the friendship between peers and enterprises through football matches to meet friends, demonstrating the spirit of unity and progress in sports. This spirit is not only the struggle and sweat in the arena, but also the passion and effort of Yuantai people towards work and life. This spirit also confirms the development process of Yuantai Derun.

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