Three tweezers from Sport Medica are making their way to the United Kingdom

United Kingdom – 28th December, 2017 – The team at Sports Medica are excited to announce three new sets of intricately made tweezers. They have created tweezers with the expert precision required by surgeons in the operating room. As such, their new range of tweezers is recommended by members of the medical and surgical professions.

The tweezers included in this launch have either a slanted or pointed tip – providing a multitude of uses. Some of these uses include plucking hair, removing splinters, applying eyelashes, and working with electronics.

Their flagship tweezer is one that has been ergonomically designed in an S-shape. The curves allow it to follow the grooves in one’s hand to facilitate prolonged use.

The tweezers are currently available exclusively on and We are pleased to announce an offer purely for our readers for 25% off their entire range of tweezers. Simply visit their website and enter Q79EVPBW at checkout (only valid until New Year’s Day).

The Sports Medica team listen to feedback from customers around the world to create the perfected items they present to the public. They truly stand by their products and are offering a 25-year guarantee on all their tweezers.

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