Three Outstanding Features of Airwheel H3 Smart Wheelchair

Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair provide wonderful riding experiences for Airwheel riders due to its brilliant performance as well as optimized design style for wild riding needs. And there are mainly three outstanding features of Airwheel H3 you cannot ignore.

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Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair is a real blockbuster in Airwheel family because it is the first type of wheelchair that is specially designed to help disabled and the old, or the weak ones move within a certain distance (not allowed driving on high ways). Riders can feel pleasures from riding Airwheel H3. It is easy to control it. Push the operational rocker forward and the wheelchair will move forward. The wheelchair speed will be faster as the pushing extent. Slowly release operational rocker, the wheelchair speed will be reduced.

Airwheel H3 lightweight smart electric wheelchair

First and foremost, riding with Airwheel H3 enables the riders to feel the power and strength from riding. Due to the extraordinary performances of the equipped lithium battery, Airwheel H3 lightweight smart electric wheelchair is able to realize strong momentum and endurable riding stability. After all, the explosive power of H3 is well supported by the great battery capacity as well as sustainable power supply. Truthfully, the source of power of H3 is highly dependent on the high-quality battery. Therefore, the strong momentum of H3 enables riders to feel masculine power from Airwheel scooter riding.

Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair

Secondly, riders can experience the sense of conquering by riding Airwheel H3. It is designed with two wheels with intersected patterns on it, front solid tire and rear inflatable tire. And this enables H3 electric wheelchair conquer all varied terrains. In fact, riders can feel a special riding experience with H3 by riding on bumpy and rutty roads. Instead of feeling discomforts caused by bumps, Airwheel H3 riders totally enjoy the feeling of conquering those bumpy roads with little bumps and discomforts. In fact, H3 is designed more for riding on uneven roads smoothly and steadily.

Thirdly, Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair enables riders to enjoy the extreme convenience, as it installs automatic folding system. The whole wheelchair could be folded and the pedals could be dismantled, easy for package, delivery and storage in household. To learn more, please visit its official website.

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