Three Catalysts Expected In Less Than 45 Days Make Alternet Systems, Inc. Stock Compelling At Current Levels (OTC: ALYI)

Alternet Systems (OTC Other: ALYI) stock consolidation may be coming to an end as several potential catalysts get closer to closing in the next few weeks. Those on the sidelines considering a position may want to pay attention to what’s in play. Moreover, at a roughly 90% discount from its 52-week high and the EV sector heating back up, the value proposition looks compelling. In fact, with at least two acquisitions expected and the company planning to post roughly $2 million in revenues by EOY 2021, the investment may be more than timely; it could catch a breakout. 

As noted, a surge in share price could come sooner than later. That assumption comes after ALYI confirmed that it’s close to finalizing two deals to help them penetrate the East African EV products and services markets. The first deal is expected to expedite ALYI’s entry into Kenya’s existing motorcycle taxi market. The more excellent news is that upon closing, ALYI will immediately generate a new revenue stream from the estimated $3.3 billion Kenya motorcycle taxi market. Currently, over one million motorcycle taxis provide over 20 million rides per day. Better still, after initial delivery, ALYI expects to be in an ideal position to accelerate market penetration and help with the region’s mission to transition from combustion engine motorcycle taxis to electric motor-powered ones.

The second acquisition, also expected to close by the end of this year, should accelerate ALYI’s strategy to bring an annual brand name EV race and symposium to Kenya. That deal also adds a new revenue stream from a high-margin business model to capitalize on several markets within a broader EV ecosystem. And that’s not all.

Those two deals, with final documents noted to be in review, are expected to add to the company’s record-setting year of revenues. Thus, at roughly $0.02 per share, the investment proposition ahead of those deals closing is indeed a good one. But, time may be of the essence.

Record-Setting Revenue Od $2 Million Expected

The better news is that revenues from new acquisitions will add to an expected breakout year of receivables. Earlier this month, ALYI announced expecting to post upwards of $2 million in revenues by the end of this year. Those revenues should come from selling its innovative and stylish ReVolt EV motorcycles into the African boda-boda motorcycle taxi market. In that respect, ALYI said it plans to deliver roughly 2000 of its EV bikes to a market exploding in participation and revenue-generating opportunities. Updates on delivery and service into the market are imminent. 

ALYI is also expecting to generate significant and sustainable shareholder value by tapping into the opportunities from a broader Electric Vehicle Ecosystem. In other words, ALYI is targeting its initial markets as much more than only an EV motorcycle provider. They are simultaneously embedding themselves in aspects of perpetual design of best-in-class vehicles, the mechanical and digital systems side of the markets, and the charging and maintenance infrastructure to support consumer and commercial vehicles.

Thus, the entirety of its interests takes advantage of global interest to transition from combustion engines to electric-powered vehicles. Also, a more than $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed through the US legislature last week could present an opportunity for ALYI to earn funding for its myriad of programs. Battery design and state-of-the-art communications systems included. But, while grants and awards can expedite growth, so can its financing commitment from RevoltTOKEN.

ReVoltTOKEN To Accelerate Growth

That financing facility can be a game-changer with RevoltTOKEN (RVLT) suggesting it is willing to invest upwards of $200 million into ALYI’s business interests. Of course, as a security token, ALYI needs to prove its ability to generate value for RVLT token holders. But, deals with several industry companies, including one with iQSTEL, Inc. (OTCQX: IQST), a $94 million telecom and Fintech company, should help show their worth. Moreover, upon closing its two planned deals in Africa during the next 45 days combined with expected revenues of $2 million, they may prove to be an excellent investment for RVLT and its investors. Looking at the RVLT website, they intend to invest in many EV-related opportunities. Hence, the potential from investment there is developing as well.

The better news for investors either long or considering a position is that ALYI is better positioned today than when its shares traded at the $0.20 level. The decline came as COVID-19 took a grip on most markets, with logistics channels virtually closed for business. However, while slowed, ALYI didn’t stop.

Instead, they executed development agreements for a potential best-in-class and innovative EV battery design, partnered to make a communications system ideally suited to EV motorcycle riders, and started its plan to create what could become the most inclusive annual EV symposium. It’s a telling indicator that as the country moves out of pandemic-related restrictions, ALYI shares are trending higher. Since October, ALYI stock has been trading higher by more than 35%. Still, while good news to investors, deals expected can generate higher returns.

Remember, too. Part of ALYI’s growth comes from laying the groundwork to accelerate its business interests outside US markets. And by focusing on demand left available by the EV behemoths, that strategy could lead to exponential growth.

Value Can Be Substantial Targeting African EV Markets

And ALYI is taking advantage of what’s left exposed. For the past year, ALYI has worked on creating working partnerships and advancing development deals to maximize the value of its EV and EV Ecosystem assets. As ALYI moves closer to initializing business in the East African markets, the payday could be near as the company positions its assets and expertise to earn a leadership position in the Kenyan motorcycle taxi market.

Remember, too, ALYI has expanded its business reach, transforming from a single product company at its start to one that has interests in multiple segments that can capitalize on the EV boom. Thus, while investors liked ALYI for only its ReVolt EV Motorcycle sales, they should like them more with the company enhancing its revenue-generating opportunities by tapping into an infrastructure built to generate revenues from the service and products side as well. Most importantly, there’s no shortage of demand.

In fact, ALYI appears to be in the exact right place at the right time. And with growth in the African motorcycle-taxi markets surging, ALYI’s flagship motorcycle could be in demand. That’s especially likely with players like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) General Motors (NYSE: GM) not targeting the market with their high-end products. But keep in mind that while small in their standards, the Kenya market, and surrounding areas provide the tremendous billion-dollar market potential for smaller and more agile companies. It’s an opportunity that ALYI intends to exploit. 

Taking Advantage Of Booming But Underserved Markets

Also, it’s essential to know that Africa (Kenya) is just ALYI’s starting point. They can expand quickly by targeting opportunities created from a market that has one of the world’s lowest per capita transportation ratios in the world at about 44 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants. Compared to global averages, it’s well below the 180 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants in most countries and significantly less than the 800 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants in the United States. 

The better news is that ALYI’s mission is not complicated. They want to take advantage of relatively unchallenged markets and increase the number of vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants from 44 to 100. And based on the reception of its ReVolt EV motorcycle, combined with funding from RVLT, it’s a goal that is attainable over the coming years. Still, while it’s a long-term plan, revenue milestones would be met along the way. Thus, shareholder value should follow accordingly. Best of all, meeting that goal could get a boost from one of the world’s largest ride-share companies.

Earlier this year, UBER (NYSE: UBER) announced expanding its ride-share service into Africa. For ALYI, UBER’s ambition can translate into a catalyst of its own. Remember, UBER develops the service side and doesn’t supply the vehicles. So, as noted, ALYI is in the right market at the right time to capitalize on filling the needs on the product side. Better still, by providing efficient, cost-effective, and affordable EV motorcycles that perfectly meet the requirement, they are in the sweet spot of opportunity.

Compelling Opportunity At Attractive Prices

The best part of the AYI proposition for early investors is that EV markets are heating back up. Last year, when EV was the rage, ALYI stock soared to $0.20. And with ALYI being in a better position comparably, history repeating is not out of the question. Moreover, with the EV herd of micro-caps being thinned after pandemic-related challenges, survivors like ALYI are in a better position than ever to capitalize on new market opportunities.

Indeed, ALYI could be put back into play. And by being better positioned today than when shares were 10X higher, a more than 1190% surge from today’s price could be in the crosshairs. Plus, after posting the expected $2 million in revenues and closing its planned acquisitions, the fuse back to those levels could get lit. 

Thus, keep an eye on ALYI, especially ahead of news. Those following the company know it has a propensity to move sharply and quickly higher on value-creating updates. And with several announcements in the expected queue, paying attention may be profitable in the near and long term. Admittedly, micro-caps investment comes with risk. But, they can also deliver exponential returns when investments are made at the right time. 

With ALYI working to create value, being in the right markets and having transformational revenue expected in less than a month, ALYI could emerge into the new year not only as a respected Africa-focused EV company but as a revenue-generating juggernaut as well. Time will tell. But at current levels, the value proposition looks measured and compelling.


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