Thousand Islands Rehab Provides Online Self-Assessment Tool for Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Thousand Islands Rehab offers full lifecycle addiction recovery and initial interventions. is a full-service inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. The center serves patients from all over Canada and even the USA, working with patients across their full lifecycle of recovery from initial intervention through to aftercare. Online self-assessment tools to assess the level of harm that drug or alcohol abuse may be causing are also provided by the center to assist people in self-diagnosing addictions.

The organization’s approach involves working with people who may not have previously recognized that they have an addiction problem, making them aware of their situation and the fact that help is at hand, and working with them to propose the best course of action for their particular requirements.

The approach also takes into account that the actual addiction itself is rarely the root cause of serious drug or alcohol abuse, and in fact is often a symptom of one or several underlying issues the person is experiencing. These underlying conditions can include a witnessing or experiencing a situation of abuse or trauma, the loss of a loved one, job loss or marriage breakdown, a sense of hopelessness or social isolation, physical or mental health conditions, or troubled domestic or family situations.

The rehab’s approach is built around medically-supervised detox programs designed to allow patients to safely withdraw from their substance addiction. Following successful completion of this, support is continued through the provision of comprehensive aftercare programs. These ensure that patients leave the center equipped with the tools and skills to better cope with their lives, families, communities, and lead happy and more productive lives.

Set in a beautiful location in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario, the facility is staffed by an expert team of care professionals including nurses, counsellors, nutritionists and fitness trainers.

A spokesperson added “the beauty of’s location is that we are sufficiently remote and secluded enough to provide peaceful surroundings for our patients, but accessible and connected enough to enable family and loved ones to conveniently visit for therapy sessions. This, combined with the education, experience and passion of our staff to deliver positive outcomes to our patients means we offer the best possible environment for support and recovery”.

In addition to a variety of approaches to treatment such as individual and group sessions, creative therapies, yoga and meditation, swimming, boating and walking, also offers educational workshops and seminars for patients and their families as they seek to recover together and learn to enjoy recreational pursuits other than drugs and alcohol. The center also offers substance-specific treatment programs for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and many more.

The center’s spokesperson concluded, “We treat addictions as being just one part of a patient’s puzzle, and because of this we seek to treat the patient, not the addiction. Our programs take into account physical and mental health aspects, in addition to any religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs and long-term goals and relationships. The result is we form a deep understanding of and relationships with our patients and create an environment highly conductive to positive outcomes”.

About is a full-service inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Mallorytown, ON. The center offers a series of addiction rehab programs, medical detox, services for loved ones, and aftercare services in a holistic package of care. Based in the Thousand Islands area of Ontario, the center serves patients from Ottawa, Alberta, Kingston, Toronto and British Columbia, in addition to New York, Boston and further afield.

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