Thomas Sharanda Introduces the Do It Yourself LED Board

The LED Do It Yourself Board Kit is an affordable way for Europeans to own an LED board.

After talking with a friend who owns a nursery, Sharanda discovered that LED lighting used in his store was expensive due to factors such as the environment and electricity costs.  The friend was unsure how to change these factors. Upon researching LED lamps, Sharanda discovered that there were many overpriced and underachieving LED boards on the market, with even fewer Do It Yourself (DIY) kits available

It was then that Sharanda decided to design an LED board that would be pre-finished.  Since he already owned a company that made heat sinks that are designed for 200 watt power and were the exact size of the LED boards, he looked into making these boards himself.

However, with a small profit margin due to excessive budget constraints, he was not able to produce completed boards himself. So, he decided to offer a DIY LED board kit for those who wanted an inexpensive way to have both a quality LED board and a lower price.

Board Specifications

The LED boards have a full spectrum range from 365nm to 730nm, which covers the entire range of light that plants need to grow.  Currently, there is not another product on the market that is able to imitate the sunÅ› energy better than Sharandas.

The boards are produced with both ultraviolet and infrared chips that allow for any customizable mix of color temperatures that would fit the needs of any grower.  In addition, the 400mm x 300mm size allows for a 1.2 square meter area of illumination, perfect for any professional grower or novice.

Benefits of Owning a DIY LED Board

There are many benefits of owning a DIY LED board:

Reduction in power usage

Reduction in heat production

Energy savings up to 60% compared to conventional lighting

Allows plants and vegetables to grow while helping the environment

Overall costs is much less expensive than other LED boards currently on the market

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from € 50 to € 1500, including everything from an LED starter kit to a target Quantum board to an Elite Board package that includes a set of 6 quantum boards, 4 heatsinks, and 6 LED driver cables.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page. 

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